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    "Rig" #1
    HP Slimline Pavillion s3200n
    CPU:AMD 4800+ OC'd to 2.8ghz
    GPU:GeForce 8600GT
    Memory: 2GB Crucial Rendition
    Hard Drive: Some samsung 320GB
    all the rest stock

    Rig#2 (IN Progress)
    Case: Thermaltake Soprano
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 550
    Motherboard: Gigabyte 790X-UD4P
    PSU: undecided
    Cooler: Undecided
    Memory: Undecided
    CD/DVD: Undecided
    Hard Drive: Undecided

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    gaming, mountain biking, cars/trucks, girls of course!
  1. exactly what i was thinking........(not that i have one) but i can do a fair bit with a dual-core........ i have the 550 you are looking at and for my first attempt at a poor mans real computer it . kicks my old 4500+ and 8600GT in the end, i would just compare what you can get now to what you do/don't already have....... if its cheap and better performing than what you run currently, why not just pick any of those off of the list you gave.....then start setting aside the money to buy something when your new build gets too outdated....... just an idea, i would think any of those AMD's you named are good chips, just pick a price and see what you can get out of it
  2. many thank yous to all your guys' help! definitely noticing a difference in game performance...... very happy with this 1st time build, now to see what else i can tweak
  3. my score ( i just checked cause i never wrote it down earlier) broken down from an overall 17583 was as follows (CPU now OC'd to 3.7 Ghz (3717) and running crossfire) CPU score: 2976 SM 2.0 Score: 7894 SM 3.0 Score: 10606
  4. just finished retesting after 2nd card, got 15123
  5. ok just finished uninstalling all drivers, and reloading with one card, and stock CPU levels (3.1) scored 13216..... about to reboot hook up other card and see what difference if any it makes
  6. hmmmmm i just don't have a good driver cleaner, (being cheap and all LOL) any free ones recommended? i heard too once you get it all off then you try it first with one card, then install driver, then shutdown, then reinstall other card (which i did not do) and enable crossfire through CCC
  7. sorry, unless i am missing sometihng..... all the info is in my sig ecept for the CPU OC....... i took it back to 3.1 till the weather calm down here, room temp gets way too high will run right now @ 3.1 w/ two cards and tell you score just got 15163 (3dmark 06) will check and see if that seems right to you guys when i get home from work!
  8. ok, update..... got the 2nd 4870 working, was a loose power cable however with the second 4870, in 3dmark 06 i only get about 14932, where i was getting 14400's before with one card.....does that seem right?
  9. so i recieved my other 4870 today and plunked it in.....and i think i did what i had to do (uninstalled all previous versions of catalyst) and installed 9.8 on my system...... howver neither of my graphics cards (sapphire 4870 iGB) cam with instructions so i am a bit confused as to what to do here......i tried plugging my monitor into the same 4870 as before and with one and two bridges connected neither are giving me ANY increase in performance..... tried to look around online and i seen someone said to enable the crossfire X logo to come on and see from there.... all i can say is WOW i am suffering a MAJOR hit in graphics performance, i used to run 3dmark06 NO problems and get a score of 14,500's, now i can't even make it through the first test, constantly at 10F FPS or LESS can someone please explain to me (since i didn't get instructions and can't find proper ones off of sapphire) in plain english, how to set this up??? which DVI port do i use, and what can i do to improve my performance? i swear i have looked around, just can't seem to get a simple n00b answer, and i never had the manual to begin with P.S. i also took my CPU and voltage settings back to stock to avoid any problems there any other info is in my sig. if you need more info i iwll gladly put it up thank you!
  10. ok....clicked the link, downloaded that program but i have vista...... it says i am running xp/2000/ME...... do i go ahead or no? and in the mean time...... i downloaded everest before i seen your post, tried to use that to figure out which fan was which, and which temperature was which...... so i have been checking it out and what i need to know is which CPU temp should i be most concerned with????? this is all in speedfan by the way: i have the AMD K10 and my temp 1, temp 2, temp 3 when comparing to the temps everest gave me i concluded that: amd k10 is some sort of CPU temp (currently @ 32) temp 1 seems to match everests motherboard temp (currently @ 40) temp 2 seems to match everests CPU temperature reading (currently @ 45) temp 3 seems to match everests is the same as temp 2 almost all the time maybe i am overthinking this, but what temperature should i be concerned with????? in terms of overclocking my CPU speedfan gives me the AMD K10 sensor as 32, and if temp 2 and temp 3 are CPU temps as well which one is the one i should be monitoring/overclocking by? maybe its just me but for the cooler i have i am shocked that i am @ 44 idle..... now i am worried please help
  11. ok , will try before i ask more questions that i have.....getting scared here, after i check something out using your advice i will be back (thank you very much)
  12. hey all..... just trying to dial in speedfan a little bit better and want to label/organize the program but i am having a tough time figuring out what this means: i have searched everywhere and cannot find how to distinguish my temp 1, temp 2, temp 3 readings.......i have these as well as a seperate AMD K10 temperature as well which i have renamed to what i want and so on... my question is, how can i go about figuring out EXACTLY what each of the other 3 temps speedfan is showing me are???? for examples sake right now it looks something like this: (renamed AMD K10 to AMD PII 550 B.E.) AMD PII 550 B.E.: 31 degrees Temp 1: 40 Temp 2: 44 Temp 3: 44 these results are after browsing online for the last half hour or so...... if that helps anything any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  13. hands down best in-ear headphones for the money are skullcandy titans....... they have the best sound quality and killer bass for the buck you pay.....its been a little while and i am in canada so can't remember the exact price, 50 canadian seems familiar
  14. this may be a majorly obvious answer.... but have you tried using catalysts built in temperature reading as a reference????? i can't even get my 4870 (sapphire) to show up in speedfan just an idea.....
  15. thanks for the response......i was going to do it anyways....but was just wondering if it does affect the score (more for comparison to other systems sake)
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