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  1. That's great!! Was there an update or you just reflashed the same bios revision?? Updated BIOS to a newer version. The old was from 2009, the new was from late 2010 I think.
  2. Hi. Even though the computer froze at the Startup Splash Screen, once in a while, I did manage to get past the Startup Screen. I managed to get into BIOS, where I updated my BIOS Firmware, and it fixed the problem!
  3. So I have a computer with this motherboard, but suddenly it just started to freeze at the Motherboard Splash Start Up Screen. I tried to reset CMOS, I have tried to change the CMOS battery and I have tried tested to see if there is something wrong with my RAM sticks (3x2GB). Link to computer speccs Nothing have worked... so I am now thinking on replacing my motherboard for cheap. Problem is that I can't find any motherboards for the 1366 socket in my country, so I need to switch to a newer socket type and thus replacing the processor also. I already have Sapphire Vapor-X 4890 2GB (from 2009), is this better than the newer integrated graphic chips like Intel HD 4600? This computer is only used by my father, so I would like a cheap but good motherboard + processor combo (Intel). Any suggestions?
  4. I am thinking on building a small computer that will be placed in my basement to record cameras, and once or twice a week will be used to stream football games to an projector. So integrated graphic solution will suffice I think. Intel Core i3 3225 seems like the best processor that's cheap and have Intel HD 4000. What do you think of this setup? http://www.prisguide.no/liste/139782 Processor: Intel Core i3 3225 Case: Bitfenix Prodigy Memory Corsair Vengance DDR3-1600 (2x4GB) Power: Corsar CX 430W V2 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-B75N Total: 475$ (I live in Europe, so prices are like 20-30% higher than the US)
  5. Shadowfactor claim that he sold the 2600K version of the processor to the other buyer, however, I asked el_Captain about this(the other buyer), he even gave me a screenshot of the personal conversation that prooves it certainly is the i7 2600 being sold two times.
  6. Seller have not talked to me once after I paid, so I don't think that will happen.
  7. I must wait 3 days before I can escalate, why? Didn't you say you could escalate after 8 hours?
  8. I sendt $225 to your paypal account, please respond me soon... 3 days ago.
  9. SSD shines maybe. But I'm talking about me having a 2TB harddisk that I store stuff on, when I'm extracting stuff stored on it, there is no way to make this process operate on the SSD, since then I had to transfer it to the SSD and back, and it would take long time, since the SSD is the only one that have fast speed.
  10. I have like 40 small rar files, that I extract into a 7-16gb file. And I'm trying to do this process x3
  11. When I copy a 7-16gb file over to my HDD external, should my internet and eveything else I do on my computer get slowed down?
  12. Hehe, there was a product fail on my Senns 595, so I got a pair of new ones! Very pleased with my Senns 595. The discant and mid-tones are splendid, and since they are so airy, you'll never get sweaty on your ears. It doesn't feel like the music is banging onto your hear like it does with a pair closed cans like DT770. I'm actually suprised by the bass, since it's not that weak as I thought, it's actually good, with a good punch but not immensly deep. I could hear the difference between 595 and 555, and because I didn't mind the price difference, I got the best ones.
  13. I have i7 920 CPU, but I can't understand when I for example try to extract 3-4 zipped files with a size of around 7-16gb the pc laggs and gets slow. As I have 4 cores and this should be no problem, help? Might be my program? I used Winzip.
  14. Look at my rig specc in the signature, I lagg constant when playing games like Starcraft II and Civ 5, what can I do to stop the lagg? My graphic card is way good enough...
  15. Ahahaha, I do have Saitek Eclipse 2 and 3 already. Tho, I use the Saitek Eclipse 2, since I like it better. But yeah, the harddrive is a safe buy. 160 USD for those logitechs. Well I can buy them for 500 USD in norway.
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