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  1. Those tubes look large, what size are they? are ur barbs 1/2"ID ?? im pretty much copying ur design, i have just got a 360 rad and am planing to mount it as u have done... its been great looking at this post to figure out how to do it. cheers... great mod, one of my all time favs
  2. um i just used the one that came with the water cooling kit... i might by some new stuff... i have got a new pc comming in a few days with a new 360mm radiator so il c how it goes
  3. What temps do u get with the 360mm rad? im thinking about buying a second CM690 so i can work on it and still have a pc **EDIT i got to learn 2 read
  4. this is my first build so i wouldn't be surprised if i did something wrong. does it matter which way the cpu block faces? i have my different to how the manual shows it, also i dont think i spread the thermal paste very well... i have the inlet and outlet of the radiator at the top as it is sitting verticaly so it should self purge. whats TIM btw
  5. Hey all, I have just purchased and installed a Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultima Liquid Cooling Kit i was wondering what temps should i be expecting? i have OCed my Q6600 Core 2 Quad so its running at about 3Ghz. idle its at about 37 and when underload at 47 i was hoping for it 2 be much lower than this as in the future i was hoping 2 get a little higher than that say to 3.6Ghz if my mobo will handle it, my friend has just bought a new PC, hes got an i7 920 running at 3.6Ghz and is between 40-65 degrees when idle and on load... he paid 80 bucks for his CPU fan in it is doing pretty much the same cooling, can this be right?
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