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  1. wonder if there'll be any copy right problems with that name since there's a book named In Cold Blood...looks cool btw...nice job
  2. yea i jus got my bro's 3000+ winchester at 9x270...i think its pretty stable (still testing) on a lil higher than stock volts and on air...core center shows 53C at load temps every chip is different...my old 2500 barton couldn't ever get passed 185 =/ but i also think because my hd kept corrupting so i really couldn't try it
  3. thx for the replies helped a lot
  4. o ok i tried prime95 and it failed after 4 hours wut other programs should i use to test stability? i also heard prim95 doesn't work well with the new winchesters
  5. im running a msi neo2 plat 3000+ winchester pdp 1gb pc3200 xbl ram (tccp) vcore at 1.55v with 3.3% over...it shows 1.49-1.5v is core center vdimm at 2.8v the load temp from core center says 52C is that too hot? i heard core center shows higher temps for safety...is that true?
  6. hehehehe yea my first machine was a athlon 800mhz with 128 megs of ram...i didn't set the fsb rite and i oc'ed it to 1064...i burned it thte next day =x but luckily i got to return it ^^ and the even better thing is they upgraded it to a 850 mhz for free because they were out of 800's lol but yea quite a while ago
  7. 2.6mbps both ways on school network...i think our school limits us to 10mbps on lan =/ sux a lot =/
  8. when i haven't cleaned my case for a long time...i take out my gfx card and compress air that...and then i take my comp outside and use the lawn blower =x...its power fast and gets a lot of it out fast...then i go in and use the compress air again if there is still some dust left
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