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    Several of them, from an old Mac mini to a new AMD 8-core monster!

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    Computers, mostly. I'm a geek from way back. Got my first calculator in 1976, and been hooked ever since. One other guy and myself were the first ones kicked out of HS computer class for 'hacking' (all we did was create a basic program that password protected our machines, the teachers machine and the mainframe, but it didn't work too well and blocked out everyone including the guy they had to call to fix it. It was down for a day and a half. After that, all students and parents had to sign a "no hacking" policy. This was in '83, BTW!)

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  1. @bishop 245 Nope! it would've taken me so long, I'm not sure that I could afford the power bills!
  2. Woo-hoo! 10 million and the top 20! I've hit my goal! Time to dial it back a bit. After 3 months of elevated power bills, I'm going to draw down my active boxes to just 2. Particularly since warmer weather is finally coming to Utah, making it more difficult to keep things cool around here. I'm going to find out how difficult it's going to be keeping 2 video cards from different manufacturers running in the same case (MSI 7770 & Asus 7790) I'll probably upgrade the MSI, just so I can take advantage of the Asus OC program, as modest as it is. Anybody else have any experience with that? Or do most folks just run one high-powered graphics card?
  3. I came in Nov. 2003, but I was away for quite a while, just recently coming back aboard the folding train.
  4. In the past, I've had issues similar to what you're stating (not with Folding, just in general) and found that they went away after installing the OEM drivers, either downloaded or off the disc. Perhaps this might fix it? My standard approach with new vid cards is to take the 'generic' driver straight from either Nvidia or AMD and use it. If I get issues, then I'll de-install and put on the OEM software. Just a suggestion, if you haven't tried that yet.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up on that driver, road-runner! I have two systems (out of a remaining four) that can benefit from that upgrade. After installing the new driver on both, I'm seeing an up-tick in the reported scores for the day (108 - 112k ppd) where they were reporting in the mid to high 90's previously. We'll see how it shakes out over the next week! I'm still getting hit with 1.5 to 2 day WU's, causing my scores to move up and down the weekly chart like a butterfly!
  6. pdbuzz

    Holy schnikes!

    I found that's a good compromise for my work box and folding, too! (Since I'm not a sys admin anymore, I don't have as much say as to what 'can or cannot be' on my box) The browser option lets me utilize an otherwise 'idle' machine without the permanent folding program showing up on a list of installed programs in AD, Tivoli, Unicenter or any other sys management stuff my work uses.
  7. pdbuzz

    Holy schnikes!

    Yeah, those browser units get finished in 9 - 10 mins each, and my shift is 12 hours a work night, so I can end up with anywhere between 55 - 70 and up a night, depending when I remember to turn it on!
  8. pdbuzz

    Holy schnikes!

    Partial work units? Everything my machines are doing finish. When I'm at work, I'll run the Chrome browser app, so on those nights, I'll be popping off several work units a night, is that what you're referring to?
  9. pdbuzz

    Holy schnikes!

    oh well, got to balance the production with the cost! I'll be the next one to 10 mil though!
  10. pdbuzz

    Holy schnikes!

    I just had the largest update of my folding life: 168,755!! In one update! With what I've got in the 'on-deck circle', I may end up with a 200k day! The kicker is I haven't added any new gear or machines. My machines and stuff are calculating out to 95k - 105k PPD on a normal day. I'm thinking that some long, lost bonus points may have found me. Has anyone else seen that happen to them recently? Today?
  11. pdbuzz

    I'm number one!

    @NCC10281982B I clicked on the 'points update' column to re-sort and took a screenshot of that. I know; it's a cheap way to come out on top, but it does so much for my little ego!
  12. pdbuzz

    I'm number one!

    Oh yeah, I've been number 5 on the daily average list for a while. At that particular update, though, I sorted it by the 'update' column. That's how it made me look like 'Numero Uno!!' Yeah, I already know I'll never be number one on the team, but it gave me a chuckle that morning! Anyway, I was just curious if anybody else had been seeing 'day-long' work units. When it hit half of my boxes at once, it can definitely cause some wild swings in the PPD.
  13. pdbuzz

    I'm number one!

    I'm gonna blow my own horn again (on Extreme Overclocking stats, this time) mostly because I've been getting such inconsistent performance lately (particularly yesterday with a whole 15k for the day!) Has anybody else been getting saddled with 'one day (or more) time-to-finish' work units? Right now, I have 3 machines with 4 WU's @ 1.29 days, 1.27 days, and (1.89 & 1.14) days to completion, for a total PPD (right now) across the three of 49k. This seems to happen every other day any more, making my daily performance swing like P!nk on a trapeze!
  14. pdbuzz

    number 1

  15. I've heard number one from both of my parents almost verbatim; the exception is that it's always (to this day) 'foxfire'.
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