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    Asus PQ5-E mobo,Q6600 core2Quad.4 gig Oz reaper pc6400 .vista64 0n hitachi 320/xp home on maxtor 250,2x XFX HD 4890 1gig GPUs.
  1. As you will see in my original info Both cards tested in each slot individually and no prblems show with either the Pci_e slot or the GPUs ( as to your feedback regerding the linking bridges i am aware that the other connectors are used when conecticting more than 2 GPUs ) but both ASUS and In ATI CCC it advised that it needed both linked even when using just 2 gpus.An update to my original thread too Is that even though it does not appear to show any real improvment( i expected to get at least 50% hopefully more increase in 3DMark06 figures ) In Vista whefe crossfire box ticked ENABLED the CCC says the cards are linked but NO information shows in the crossfire Hardware setup also in vista64 i do not see two gpus in the dropdown llist of GFx cards so only one adjustable fan and OC settigs. The 3DMark06 is around 15000. and EXACTLY same in Crossfire setup..BUT in XP32 the 3DMark06 shows just under 15000 (14670) with one card running and with crossfire setup In ATI CCC with crossfire box ticked Enabled i have 2 available GPUS in dropdown box and i am able to adjust both the fans ans OC of each GPU individually BUT in the Crossfire Setup Info box it says One Primary AND One DISABLED.And here is a strange thing The Puter and OS must be seeing the XFire setup because in 3DMark06 the fig goes from 15000 to 16900 thisis a Very small increase NOTHING like it should be with 2 x ATI HD 4890 Does this give any further clue to whats gong on here. Thanks
  2. I have tried it with one bridge one front/ then on rear and was advised to use both bidges ..as for bios I have the latest bios from asus ..the only option in bios for XFire is under chipset/north bridge config/init graphics adapter PEG/PCI PCI/PEG..This i have tried all conigs and still no luck.
  3. Hello all I have a problem thats making me suicidal for over a week now i have spent upto 12 hours a day trying everthing i and others from the asus and Ati forums have advised i try to get the 2 gpus to crossfire on the asus pq5-e mobo.I purchased one 4890 and was very pleased with the performance i deceided to get another as this Mobo Is SUPPOSED to be Crossfire capable.By just adding the card was a total fail in both Vista64 on drive 1 and on Drive2 XPHome,the crossfire was not recognised.In each case 2 gpus did show in device manager also in the vista the CCC showed one GPU as primary and a second linked.Yet in the info box Nothing was shown as the crossfire setup even though it was enabled.Then in XP32 after doing a clean install of OS showed one primary and one DISABLED and in the info box it DID show the crossfire as enabled and the setup was shown. Also here unlike vista i was able adjust in ATI Catalyst Control Center the Fans and OC individually.Ok so far ?? just to confirm One card in top PCI-E and runs fine /One card in second PCI-E and same no probs BUT add both cards and the bridges linking them and i only get Video output from PCI-E 1 nothing from the lower card ( To ADD Confusion if i conn lower GPU at swicth on In Boot the display shows bios info then windows screen startup only to go into standby after that with NOSIGNAL on screen The Monitor is a Asus 243W 24in 1900 x 1200 HD/DIV/VGA ).Then when plugging the vid out into the top GPU the monitor returns and all look good as i said info shown s in Xp( 1x primary 1x disabled) same as for vista (1x primary 1x linked).This same information i passed on to XFX and the Supliers both say that as no issue shows with individual GPUs they are ot intrested asus advised i update to the latest bios and chipset drivers and retry( this i did) one thread that did run thru both asus and XFX was that if the Crossfire was showing as enabled in CCC then it was running BUT with XP showing the lower GPU as disabled and all the tests have run with 3DMark 06 and running Fraps in Arma and Fear also any other games I Do Not get either a higher score in FuterMark 06 and no improvement in FPS in any of the games ( in Arma i noticed Lower performance with 2 GPUs).I was going to get another mobo to rebuild system so remove this one as the problem But its almost new and cost nearly
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