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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I will look at the memory and PSU but the mobo wont work, only one PCIx 2.0
  2. Morning Gents, Trying to get a $500 build together and I need some suggestions for a decent gaming PC with upgrade possibilities down the road. Not sure if I want to go AMD or Intel based processor but I do want a Quad-Core (so AMD might be the way to go to meet my budget) These are the parts I am looking for PSU CPU Mobo Memory Video Card (I already have a case, DVD burner, monitor, sound card, key/mouse, 500gb WD Black HD) I was thinking 750w PSU because I want to do SLI/CrossFire in the future I need a Quad processor DDR3 and two PCIx 2.0 is a must And video cards I am open to suggestions. I am a little rusty so I dont remember if AMD processor can run a Nvidia GTX card or if an Intel processor can run a ATI HD 5000 graphics card. Any input would help! Thanks guys!
  3. OK, sounds good guys... just what I thought. Well I am sticking with AMD since it is cheaper and they have been good to me. So 4890 here I come!
  4. So looking at AMD MoBos I notice A LOT Of them have CrossFire ability... so that means they can run 2 ATI VideoCards in CrossFire mode... I get that. But can they run 2 nVidia VideoCards in SLI mode? I know it seems like a stupid question but two PCIx slots should be able to run SLI or CrossFire and ATI with AMD or ATI with Intel or Intel with ATI or AMD with nVidia should not matter right? could someone shed some light on this please? :angry2:
  5. Yeah, I am going with AMD for my next build... so I think ATI and AMD complement each other.
  6. Sapphire 4890 This one is pretty sweet... Core Clock at 901Mhz compared to stock 850 1000Mhz Memory Clock and OpenGL 3.0 All the GTX are HUGE cards
  7. Yeah I think for the money and the performance a 4800 series card is the way to go for me. I am looking at the 4890 because it is in my price range and sound sweeeeeeeeeeet... but I heard that ATI is dropping prices at the end of this month so I will wait.
  8. Can I run a PCIx 16x 2.0 card on my PCIx 16x 1.0 mobo until I upgrade?
  9. I am looking at the XFX HD-489A-ZDEC Radeon HD 4890 Xtreme 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card as my new upgrade from my 7950 GX2. I have never gone with ATI but they are pushing out some good numbers with their prices. I will be going with an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE processor so I guess ATI will work with this. Should I look at nVidia? If so what would look good? As you can see the 4890 is the best there is in my price range Also I can go 4890 Crossfire down the road so getting 4850 in Crossfire now is out of the question. let me know... thanks!!
  10. gotcha... I think a 150gig Raptor would be more than enough space
  11. I am building... and I love intel but this is a low low budget build anyone running the new Phenom II x2 550 3.1ghz? I was looking at this as a great base for a build. I love the Intel 8400 but that will be a later more expensive build
  12. Well I just want more speed out of my windows drive. I guess the bigger option is should I just run a Raptor 10,000 SATA II for that drive?
  13. So I have two 160gb WD 7200 drives I was running in RAID 0 on my Epox board... Sil 3132 Raid... ran well then it crapped out on me... I am now running RAID 0 on the Epox board with the Sil 3131 chipset on the board. Would it be better and more reliable to run a RAID Controller such as this one... Rosewill RIAD Controller I am just going to have my OS, pictures and music on this RAID... backed up on an external 250gig seagate drive.
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