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  1. i will give them a call right after i test my little theory. (bad mobo)
  2. i saw there seems to be alot of them 6800s floating around BUT i have not found any that are xtreme model and i was hoping they would give new a card rather than downgrade me. =p they might just throw me a GT i think they where i a bit better the XT. but i can hope for that 8600 or 9500
  3. i have a 4850 in my main rig so not a problem there. but these old chips are still lots of fun even more when mixed with a ocing mobo and pentuim 4 3.0ghz and some dumpster ram lol
  4. thanks i will have to hit them up
  5. I think my 6800 is dead BUT it is a xfx they still have a lifetime warrenty right? i heard that if they cant replace it they will send you a newer card? this all sounds to good to be true. Has any one sent in a older card like mine? thanks BTW it's xfx 6800 xtreme 256mb ddr3
  6. don't worry he send Doh not Do'h
  7. yea sorrry i forgot say some one esle should go. it has to be japenese
  8. sorry i only what more than 1g at a time thanks though I hope you find some one to buy it
  9. i use the a CS "latin" machete style for brush clearing it a great blade but it does not hold it's finish like you said. also for 65 dollars i would have looked for a sypder co on sale.
  10. i have my sniper set for 35.99 thanks man. any one esle would liek to buy it out right any one any one
  11. I would prefer to buy three 1g sticks from one person but what ever. thanks guys i know you got the old stuff laying around
  12. Maybe a bit easy but we will see.
  13. I think it looks at like a Dodge Regent but that is Canadian designed car. umm tricky
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