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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  2. Some Euro Truck Simulator 2 dlc, might get tomb raider too later on Sales are sorta boring now without flash sales etc like others said
  3. Well the latest beta 15.11.1 is out and mentions fan settings related to Overdrive so I guess that's it fixed. Also has something about fixing the compass flickering in Fallout 4 which is what I had so that's good. It's also quite a bit bigger than the crimson release
  4. That was good, felt like a lot was given away though, idk
  5. I used the official amd removal tool for drivers and stuff, ran it 3 times, first time is failed near the end, second time it went okay and third time for luck. It installed fine and have the red blobs in the notification area and "AMD Radeon Settings" shows up in the search. Seems like your installation dun goofed Seems good so far with a good layout. I don't like how the home page thing has the tabs at the top and every other page has it on the bottom.
  6. When I'm done with the game sure ^.^ Think I'm just gonna quit using the human companions and use dogmeat so that he doesn't block my shots Pls it's the 23rd century, I'm not a caveman. Is there a way to disable snapping for the settlement building mode? It's hard and annoying to try to build non perpendicular walls and stuff :/ Also the interaction menu is becoming annoying, they tend not to recognise that I'm aiming at them and trying to talk to the companion or when the dialogue menu pops up it disappears cuz they suddenly decided to do a twirl for no reason :/ Starting to miss the old one for this reason
  7. Two spawned for me when I was in a light tower of sorts near the asylum in the north, one legendary/alpha... was fun Hint, don't quick save on a ledge because it respawns you off it >.< Had to learn that the hard way there Eww stairs, wish there was a jet pack for non power armour players, would solve that ezpz I hope future expansions futher develop the power armour *cough* an arm/hand like wolverine expect it has rippers or something *cough* <3 or maybe something else cool like that riot gear in NV etc, idk
  8. Companies making a lot more stuff now doesn't help since I guess, now you can buy all sort of stuff without needing to know much about it
  9. Cool to know that, I don't have to assign the same guy to different plants any more The companion ai is more sketchy that I'd like it to be, they keep getting stuck or not following for some reason Had that tab not working about 5 times in one session too :/ Can't wait to see what that patch bring. Starting to ventre into the south half of the map, wonder what that'll hold in stock, haven't seen deathclaws in a while Is it possible to build elevators for settlements? Would be cool to store power armour at the top of a building for obvious reasons with a fast way to get there
  10. Nah much funner to shoot the arm of the suicider lol, tends to kill all the other super mutants too ^.^ Wish I went to Diamond City earlier, bought a plasma pistol and launcher ammo among other things there So you only need to assign a person to one plant and they tend up to another 5 automatically? That sucks... or probably a good thing lol, at least you don't have to deal with "I'll only play another 5 minutes" D: Anybody got some mad settlements?
  11. Yeah I know but it gets boring after a while easier to hit middle mouse button to go back to last zoom level in tp Keep forgetting about that tool >.< I was worried about the map size with all the stuff people were saying a few days before launch but it seems fine(maybe not as big as I expected but meh), might be because I'm using the power armour all the time tho Got my footstep sounds maxed out for it <3 Also like how people recognise you have power armour now to some extent Any vendors that sell mini nukes/ launcher ammo? I got like 5 launchers but 1/0 ammo The settlement stuff is pretty fun, but for the food thing do you have to assign a person to each individual plant or is one enough and it knows which ones to do from there on? Codsworth won't approve of that IVI
  12. BluePanda, is that with unlocked frame rate/fov? Found that the frame rate is a major cause for motion sickness/headache for me, fov is less noticeable for me. I like playing with unlocked framerate because the lockpicking and I think the terminal hacking runs at like x7 speed for me ty old engine kek A big complaint I have is the mouse/keyboard navigation, the terminal thing is like half mouse and half keyboard, would be cool if the mouse left click/right click counted as enter/tab when in the terminal. That and after you tab back you have to move off a button and back on so the game recognises the mouse position. That and acceleration etc. It's also annoying that changing perspective is tied to the workshop button so it gets a bit annoying when you're in a settlement. And some other things too. Including that melee/grenade mash fest mentioned above :/ We has le freedom of keys on pc, pls recognise that bethesda Also learning that the map cells have levels is annoying so if you explore stuff before levelling loot there is tied to the level you first visited at :////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  13. http://wccftech.com/mass-effect-andromeda-leak-provides-new-gameplay-info/ Some new info Major one is you're human, and Cerberus is back. Hope there's more enemies than just was on the page, good variety pls ^^ Will be cool to see what the new navigation/transport system for the ship will be Overall seems good so far
  14. Hmm you got off lightly, it seems like the tab button doesn't respond since I can enter the pipboy with I but can't backout again :/ Hope it'll be in the patch I haven't seen a vendor yet Laser is cool and all but plasma all the way Ikr, I think they have factories inside them to make the Molotovs D: What faction did everybody choose? I joined the BoS early on, hope I won't regret it ^^
  15. I'm like 30 hours into the game and have no idea what you guys are talking about lol, didn't even get to diamond city yet Explosive shotty <3 The Touchdown achievement was a nice touch, was a funny first encounter with the super mutants I hope that patch fixes the weapon/pipboy swapping(for the favourited items) bug where it doesn't work and the things disappear, need to exit to main menu and reload. That and maybe tone down the spam of grenades/molotovs for certain enemies, throwing like 50 of them at you nonstop sorta breaks the immersion Power armour is good, was fun seeing there's toolboxes and stuff underwater(no enemies thankfully, would be helpless af lol) Game is good so far, just some bugs and technical stuff is letting it down sometimes. What level does plasma stuff start appearing at? The ai for melee/close range companions is annoying, they keep getting in my way :/ Plus the occasional unneeded bump from them
  16. Did you try any process of elimination stuff? Like use 1 video card or the onboard soundcard? also what bp is asking^
  17. Game is delayed to 23rd August 2016 Sad and good to hear, hope a superior version will be launched ^^ Also makes me wonder how little the marketing people or whoever done the preorder promo for earlier release know anything about the development if it needs 7 months more, idk seems weird
  18. I managed to get out of that spot after many tried, like edge of tomorrow I managed to get into another one, don't think I can get out of this one >.< a bit = a lot :') The ai is getting a bit annoying with the perfect molotov and shots, should of picked survivalist since at least they die faster Yeah it does, textures + aa let it down and a lack of options to enable disable some stuff in game/launcher instead of changing .ini files :/ This game starting before it loads is really ticking me off, guess fade in > gameplay Hmm activated a protectron in law enforcement mode and it auto attacks didn't shoot anything after I activated it :/
  19. I'm stuck with TAA for now. Somebody is bottlenecking for me though, more than likely the cpu like other games Ur right, don't want a deathclaw to get in one or a ghoul D: Managed to get myself into one of them situations where you save and die half a second later, am trying to get out of it but when you(at least for me) quickload the game actually starts before it fully loads so you just insta die when you can actually see stuff :/ I'm breaking this game so bad, can see white boxes in places, thought they were concrete ground but I just fall through them I tell you what I'm getting rekt by everything lol, managed to get headshotted by a molotov or something D: nice throw raider scum. What difficulty is everybody playing on? I'm not regretting not picking the option before Survivalist ^.^ Got a bit lucky and found a raider that had power armour and a fatman, but kept shooting at its own feet <3 the skrub
  20. Sigh no aa is ugly, taa is blurry, idk which is the lesser of two evils D: Don't think my gpu can super sample :') eugh mods is fxaa less blurry than taa? poor aa options in this For storing the suit ya noob lol hard difficulty is pretty hard who'd of thunk dat
  21. Will try for sure. Am running ultra apart from depth of field on normal and no motion blur, gonna try no TAA now. Wish I could play on better textures, difference between the decals and some stuff is sad, not really using much vram either. Looks better than Fallout 3/NV(granted they're oooold) lel, apart from DoF and the blur You can run it without fusion cores too, not as good tho... wish I could leave the suit opened up instead of closed or as an option, would look nice Doesn't have any benefits that I was speculating for running no armour though :c Seems like nvidia got rid of their tweak guide for some reason
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