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    Core 2 Duo E8500 - Clocked @ 4.05
    P5E-VM HDMI MTX Mobo
    4 ghz ram OCZ PC-6400 1066mhz
    MAXCORE GTX 260 OC BFG 898mb
    Zalman Copper Heatsink
    500gig hard drive
    Windows XP
    Antec 900 (with optional fans)
    650 Watt PSU Cooler Master
  1. Jmacs

    I fail!

    damn o_O i get 14809 3dmarks my cpu rating is 3535 though =[
  2. Jmacs

    Why so HOT!!!

    ah yeah i know you said that in the beginning but i was referring to your additon , asking if it was okay to clock at 65 temp. Probably a big no no, then again you should get a second opinion i dont know if i7's are different =/ maybe your heat sensors are busted o_O you could always try remounting the stock fan cooler and see what it does.
  3. Jmacs

    I cant play for more than 30 mins?

    gpu temps check if its over heating sometimes cards like the 3850 HD have overheating problems straight out of the box.
  4. Jmacs

    Why so HOT!!!

    sorry i'm slightly confused though, you're running water cooling and at 100% you're hitting 65degrees? i'm not sure if thats the same as the 775 sockets but my degrees never hit past 60 degrees at 100% and i'm using fan+heatsink. and i'm clocked o_o.
  5. Jmacs

    (mmo)RPG Suggestions

    Aion comes out in september definitely should check it out =] if you preorder at gamestop / ebgames you can get into the beta that starts in the weekend june 05. till june 9 i think? I'm playing in the chinese version right now and definitely getting it for NA when it comes out. Needed something new aside from WoW
  6. Jmacs

    Why so HOT!!!

    is your setup still running stock? or did you clock it? try running at default clocks and check temp's see if there's any big differences.
  7. Jmacs

    What an E8400 does at 4.5ghz

    damn so lucky though at least you hit 4.5ghz with fan cooling i'm running an e8500 and i can't even pass the 4.0 without it being unstable, prime95 fails but i can play games with it without it failing or crashing at 4.5 which was weird, so i didn't wanna risk it instead i just de clocked it down to 3.9ghz and even my voltage blows =/ 1.43 vcore =[ idle is at 37-38 max load is no more than 60 , i guess i was just one of the unlucky guys.
  8. check your speaker icon in the task bar near the clock, double click it. Go to properties and make sure stereo mix is off after checking that if you have the option try turning on microphone boost in steam AND also in the speaker icon properties. Now double click the speaker icon try to unmute the microphone mixer and turn the out put up to the highest. Then test your mic in any of your steam games and see if it plays back to you. its worth a try, i remember i had a friend who had that problem, i had to come over and just play around with the settings , it eventually worked out.
  9. hey, recently my crappy logitec gaming head set broke(stupid wires =[ eventually gave out near the head piece) and was looking into getting something new. i was looking into actually razer's megadalon (which sadly isn't out yet ) http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-megalodon/ and thought it looked pretty nice and probably would be good for me to use.. But as it stands it not out so i'd like an input other options do i have to go with? I don't really want to spend 300 dollars on like noise canceling head phones and such, but I would prefer a good mic as well as possibly wireless ( so i wont run into the same damn problem again =( ] Thanks for your input. edit: i'm running shared audio on my mobo just a heads up lol.
  10. Jmacs

    Why so HOT!!!

    check your water cooling tubes make sure there are no air gaps, this happened to my friend before he just had to keep pinching and adding coolant till all the airbubbles were gone and it worked fine.
  11. i used to have that problem before too but that was before i switched from 800mhz to 1066mhz ram. My final product ended up being.. FSB:DRAM ratio 1:1 5-5-5-15 DRAM Clock FSB: 415 Multiplier 9.5x Cpu Voltage 1.41v i believe? North bridge 1.43v South Bridge 1.20v Ram Voltage 2.10v Idle temp is 38 degrees 100% load temp is nothing past 60 running at 3.9ghz since i can't get it to go stable at 4.050 ghz for some reason but whatever good enough at least this runs stable on prime for a good 5 hours. I think the next rig i'll be making i'm going to try to make something really serious so i'll have to save up for that , after i get my RSX type s that is xD.
  12. yeah true, i'm thinking i'm going to clock down to a 3.8 and use lower voltages, should give me enough time for a newer chip + mobo, i'm wanting to go sli later =] thanks for the replies i really appreciate it.
  13. alright i'll give that a go, i want to just get my system back to 4.0ghz stable again T_T some reason i can't. @verran yeah i suppose you're right , its just this whole time i thought it had something to do with me and i was doing something very wrong.
  14. i'm runnning a zalman copper http://cbit.ca/product.aspx?ProdID=6074 i could try to lower my voltage again and run with settings.. 9.0 x 450 , dram clock 5-5-5-15, i'll see what happens. thats what i was kinda figuring, So what should i invest in so i can clock higher? would it be water cooling so i can bump the voltages up? just out of curiosity i don't think i'd spend that much money for my e8500, i'd justl ike to know the options =] thanks very much for all your guys's help
  15. sorry for the typing errors was on my blackberry when i typed that out haha.. anyways looks like 9.5x with a 430 fsb multiplier is stable so far running at a 4.05ghz so far temps are 38 idle with a peak 64 degrees on occasion it hits it for just a second then goes back 2 down. so i would say it kinda twiddles around 61-62 on full load. its been about 4 hours .. So i'm just going to stop prime and try to bump the FSB up by 15 and i'll see what happens. btw whats the south bridge for? should i lower voltages to 1.05? or keep it at 1.20? on a side note i got my FSB:DRAM ratio 1:1 by turning down the frequency of my ram so that may be the cause of it being more stable too. EDIT: just bumped up the FSB 445 x 9.0 same voltages and core one insta fails, core 2 runs for a bit didn't end up bothering with waiting for it to fail. So i'm assuming I can't hit 4.2ghz with my heat sink o_O cause i need more voltage? not sure whats goin on here.