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  1. Hi folks, Would someone please be able to tell me what are the safe limits for this chip in regards to the core voltage displayed in CPUID? Currently I am at 1.32v in CPUID and 1.3875 in the BIOS. Now I read somewhere that the limits are between 0.8-1.4v for the E8500, but if I want to go over 4ghz I need to raise it a little above 1.4v and wondered if that was safe and wont kill the CPU? Cheers, boeingaviation
  2. Umm I think some readers have got the wrong idea. My Vcore was a BIOS reading, CPUID has the core voltage at 1.33V. I didn't just crank stuff up either, I increased in small amounts and then watched tempratures under load. Thanks for your input, am about to printout the overclocking guide from here
  3. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post and get some advice if may please? I've had a Zalman 9700LED for the past 8 months and I'm just not happy with it's performance. Underload on my E8500 (Overclocked to 3.99ghz) my cpu is getting to around 55-60
  4. Thanks for that info, I was looking at getting a Tuniq Tower 120, apparently they're the best available.
  5. FIXED!!! I dug around in the BIOS and found where Speedstep was enabled, have now disabled, and all back to normal. Thanks for all your help. EDIT: Have added my system specs to my signature, currently sitting the CPU at 3.91ghz @ 42
  6. I updated my BIOS recently to the latest available from ASUS. Now when I open CPU-ID this is what my system information says: Can someone help me out here? Cheers,
  7. Ok an update: I bought a Cooler Master CM690 case. I've got (1x120mm side intake fan, 1x120mm front intake fan, 1x120mm exhaust fan & 1x80mm side case fan cooling on the opposite side of the case for the mobo). Have got my Zalman 9700 running at full steam, CPU core voltage in CPUID showing as 1.43 with my CPU @ 4.10ghz. Now to me my system seems to be running to hot, but I'm not sure why this is, I've got plenty of cooling, maybe it's the Zalman? I'm thinking about getting either a V8 Coolermaster or Tuniq Tower 120 CPU cooler (I've been told Tuniq is the best in the business). Could someone who has had plenty of experience overclocking please provide me a detailed overview of what I should try to get my Temperature from 60
  8. I have put my CPU FSB back to 400 where It was stable at 3.8ghz for well over 9 hrs using Prime 95 multi core. CPU voltage is now back at 1.33v in CPUI-D.
  9. An update............... After reading the last post I rebooted my PC and tried altering a few things. Here's what I changed: FSB=480 PCI-E = 100 CPU Voltage = 1.6v CPU PLL Voltage =1.7v DRAM Voltage=2.2v NB Voltage=1.7v Now I booted the PC up & it did not work, so I restarted the PC and tried altering the PLL & NB voltages but to no avail. I'm not quite sure that this means or where to change in BIOS "9.5x multi"???. Thanks for your help, look forward to responses.
  10. Sadly my PC wasn't stable at this speed, I put the computer under load (which it previously handled) and it froze & rebooted. I think 3.99ghz is just to much load for my chip, or am I doing something else wrong?
  11. Thanks for your advice everyone. I must point out 1 thing, I only had the CPU voltage at 1.4v, I have lowered it to 1.35v and it still seems to running fine. For this chip is it excessive for me to push the chip to nearly 4ghz, or is it quite safe? I don't want to kill my machine. Just so you are all aware, the only thing I have changed in the BIOS is the FSB Freq, PCI-E to 100, and changed the CPU voltage. Every other setting is on auto.
  12. Hi, I've just joined up to get some advice on my overclock thus far. I have an Asus P5KC mobo, and an E8500 Core 2 Duo. I have overlocked it to 3.99ghz and raise the voltage to 1.5000v. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to corrections I need to make, or if this sounds about right. Currently it appears to be running stable. Regards, Boeingavation
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