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  1. Recently started having issues with my ENCORE ENLWI-N IEEE. In short it disconnects from the internet but not from my LAN. For some odd reason it will drop the signal, returning nothing for external connections, however if i ping/connect to another computer in my network it works perfectly fine. Apparently im not the only one with this problem because it actually involves the windows 7 drivers. So my question: Does anyone have any recommendations for a good wireless N card? OR I am thinking of running a CAT5E or CAT6 to my computer which is 3 stories up. I am unsure if the cable can make it but there is a cable line running into the room so i believe i can follow that line down to my switch. The cable itself isnt the issue, my issue is if i cannot directly run a cable down through a wall. Does anyone have a suggestion for this problem. Thank you.
  2. I would defiantly bring a laptop to any of my classes, personally I find most campus computer systems to slow to work with, and I personally use a VPN to keep all my files in one place. As for which one you should buy, thats up to you. I tried programming on a netbook a few times and practically threw it across the room. Iv got the Dell M1210, which is one of the smallest laptops around, and its still decent for gameing , or atleast it was when I got it. However one thing I have noticed Iv been doing alot is VMs. A TON of VMs in fact. You may not think so right now but the ability to build multiple systems to test programs that are network intensive really make it easy to troubleshoot issues.
  3. Yeah Im hoping the person sees this I posted it in his own thread, he seemed a little distrested about his homework.
  4. Wrote it in about 30 sec to show someone who needs help on a programming project for homework. Dont know how they wanted it output so this was the simplest method.
  5. #include <windows.h> #include <conio.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { Beep(500,500); //Beep( Frequence(hz), milliseconds ) getch(); return 0; } I think this might help with what you need to do. However I would also play around with it rather then use the code that I have used.
  6. Visual Studio C++ isnt what your rly looking for since the Visual Studios is just a C/++/many other programs IDE(Integrated Development Environment). What your really looking for is some sort of code that make sound come out of the computer using the C++ syntax. You have two options for this: A program that generates tones that is then directed to: 1. speakers or headphones 2. internal computer speaker Ill post something that may help in the programmers corner. Go here for a quick lesson on how to implament a quick tone generator using C++.
  7. I dont understand how you did that.... it doesnt look shoped ether so i guess you rly did build a flying car.
  8. On the above link look behind Leo in timestamp 0:40 and youll see the same machine
  9. The Screen Savers with Leo in 1998 talking about there newly built ultimate gaming machine. I actually remember watching this episode..... I think.
  10. I finally did it....... I finally have proven what we have all seeked since windows 2000. The multi-colored screen of death.
  11. Congratz now try not to rap your car around a pole and end up in the hostiple for 5 months.
  12. The sound of my computer's fans atm I dont rly listen to music
  13. On a similar note im in the same bucket however my website is not being hosted through a service but being ran on an older system which I OCed and put debian on . I know its 2 lines but someone attempt to figure out what the number means at the bottom.
  14. Another point onto super powerful magnets is there ability to protect anyone in space from solar winds and radiation, which is another RLY big hurtle we must jump before we can head up stellar or interstellar space travel. Because you know... being cooked to death by UV, radio, microwaves, xrays, and gamma rays is fun an all but I quite like haveing only 1 head and 2 arms and legs.
  15. But finding a cure of cancer might cause in unstoppable plague of zombies..... god havent you seen the movies?
  16. After reading the article I'm thinking the article may have been translated(poorly), or someone took the real article or findings and make it there own. Some of the grammar in it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I may not have the worlds best English, but something doesn't sounds right. I know they have been doing these experiments for awhile, on a variety of different organic and inorganic material. I'm surprised they managed to get a mammal to float since its water content compared to a frogs is somewhat less.
  17. I just had a seizure from thinking of the shear awsomeness of a build like that
  18. I perfer Bawls over everything although Wawa has those Venom engery drinks.... I like the orange
  19. OMG that was so awsome but now i have herpies
  20. Accutally that looks great dose anyone know anything about mounting it though, brackets are easy enough but would cables be unaccecable?
  21. Iv been asked to find a 46" to 50" LCD TV, something be enough to be used in a conference room and is also a viable option for mount it to a wall. Price range around $2000 at most but that is only a guideline. If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly apprecated.
  22. Iv been using different linux distros for awhile now and still havent been able to replace windows for something of the things i do (all of which are gaming related.......). As far as Ubuntu is concerned though make sure you have the latest release obvously and just mess around in it. Windows was . me off on my labtop so install Gentoo and Ubuntu on it and have had little to no issues with it. SMeeD is right if you want something done and you dont know the commands on how to download, untar(similar to a rar and zip file), locate, and place into a location then just use the package manager. Its REALLY easy to use and almost fool-proof. The hardest thing you will have in ubuntu or any other linux distro is the lack of apparent help you will find right off the bat. Obviouly you cant just ask your next door neightbor at 2:30am how to do something, but just look for some forums, theres a TON of them and you will almost always find someone who figured out a problem you are having. The last think you will really want to do is get WINE installed and known how to use it, if your a gamer like myself then that is the hardest thing to do with getting into linux. If you havent heard of wine go to http://www.winehq.org/, its basically a windows emulator without accutally being an emulator .
  23. Yeah well theres still ALOT more to that, what i explain there is only a basic concept of what is rly going on and how a computer runs. In realtiy it gets ALOT more complicated with extra cores for the OS to use and im still learning alot about multicore processing.
  24. Well most games atm done use multiple cores at once, what people rly dont realize is its not the program but the OS that sets "task time" for each running program to use. If a program dose have the ability to use multiple cores then the OS will designate a specific amount of "time" that the program will have to complete its task before being set back into RAM, this concept is known as threading. Since a system can only run ONE proccess per core at a time it has to switch between processes to dose multi-processing. In reality this switching is happening so fast that from a human perspective its happening all at the same time. So on that same note if you are desginating a specific core to a process you are rly locking out the rest of the cores from having CPU time on the process.
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