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  1. Either you all have a rather particular interest in a field of study concerning the growth and development of Agricultural methods stemming from the past to the present, or all of you are completely retarded. My two cents.
  2. What ATi card do you have? The best way to see if your driver is installed correctly is to try and play some video using the xv driver for your media player (Xine, MPlayer, etc..). If video playback is choppy, jumpy, or just plain sucks then your drivers are probably not installed correctly. Don't test with a DVD as the reasons for inferior playback of a DVD is often a kernel problem and resolved by enabling DMA, or compiling support for your motherboards IDE chipset.
  3. Follow the handbook and do not use the quick install guide. If you need help, goto #gentoo on irc.freenode.net for assistance. This channel is invaluable for the Gentoo newbie. Some steps to aid install and to possibly avoid potentional problems. The install can be overwhelming at times as well as confusing; however, one can successfully pull through if one follows the handbook. Also, I believe the install CD allows access to irssi (a command line IRC client) that will allow you to connect to IRC and Lynx, a text based browser, if your NIC is successfully initialized after booting from the CD. Pressing Alt+F2 will open a second terminal screen which you can also use to issue commands. Use this second screen for the irssi terminal and use your primary screen (Alt+F1) to execute install commands. Both screens can be switched to at will without interrupting the processes occuring in either screen. Using irssi: This is simple. Type irssi in the command line and hit enter. When it loads, type: /server irc.freenode.net If all goes well, you should be connected to freenode. Then just change your nick (/nick somenick) and join #gentoo (/j #gentoo). This is the most effective method to accomplish a successful install as you can get immediate help if you get stuck on a step during install. Using Lynx: Use Lynx in a second or third window (Alt+F3) to view the gentoo handbook during install. This is very simple. First switch to another screen and then type: lynx www.gentoo.org You may be asked if you wish to accept cookies from the site. Pressing N or Y will allow or disallow the cookie respectively. The cookie will be written to RAM so it will be deleted once you reboot. Then after the page loads, use the UP and DOWN arrow keys (which function much like TAB does in a graphical browser) to navigate the links on the page; use the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to proceed to the next or previous pages. Press enter after highlighting a link with the UP or DOWN arrow keys to goto that link.
  4. This is incorrect. We use 100% of our brain all the time. Ever see a PET scan? If you used only 10% of your brain you probably would not be able to talk, think abstractly, learn, or even percieve correctly. The "15% or less" thing is a myth that is sadly perpetuated. None of these are scientific evidence. All they show is changes in readings. That is it. EVP is pretty much complete nonsense considering that if the tape is watched it will most likely not pick up anything. I've heard EVP and it sounds either faked or normal ambience. This is incorrect. Atheism is the belief that a God(s) does not exist. Agnosticism refuses that they have knowledge of a God(s) and therefore do not have a belief relating to God(s). Theism is the belief that a God(s) does exist. The belief you are perpetuating is a common misconception that I have had to fight for quite awhile. The reason for the simple categorization of the current schools of thought (Theism, Agnosticism, and Atheism) is based on some simple epistemical arguments that clearly show why this differentiation is necessary and superior to the current meme spreading over the net. I can explain it if you like. Atheism is also not about opposition to Theism. It's just a belief that God(s) does not exist. You can be an atheist and practice whatever religion you like.
  5. Lol, I hate debates usually because I get assigned the "supporting" side of the topic that I don't support at all and sometimes the supporting side has pretty much lost. I remember being given the subject of supporting Recycling in fifth grade. That was pretty much a loss before I even started. Sometimes you can't find lots of information on a topic because the topic itself might just be absurd enough that you can't really find any logical or moral groundings to defend it. In those cases, to spite the teacher, I recommend using those immoral or illogical to defend your topic. Nothing says "Kiss my azz!" like showing your topic to purposefully being the inferior choice. Seriously though, sometimes the only way to support your topic is in such a manner. For example, imagine being assigned the position in a debate to defend racism. Obviously, there is no way you could morally or logically defend such a position. So how would you defend racism? Easy, support it by showing how accepting it can lead to absurdity (like if racism is okay, why not also include the color of one's hair as being a judge of their character and contribution to society).
  6. After reading up on Earle's career, I think it is possible that he is grasping at straws. On the other hand, he has had quite a bit of success at finding corrupt politicians and his intuition might be the cause of the indictment. I'll have to investigate the cases he handled thoroughly before reaching a final conclusion of his legal skills. Wikipedia: Ronnie Earle Also, could you please avoid posting biased articles in my threads? No offense, but the PHXNews article had very little information and focused on trying to create a negative image rather than providing facts--even if the image being presented is possibly accurate. <_< In my opinion though, the decision of whatever jury is to decide the veracity of the charges against DeLay, there shouldn't be any conflict with the judgement. Either there is evidence to show DeLay guilty or there isn't. The upside to this indictment for Earle, however, is that if DeLay has broken the law previously, it will be found. Earle must have a good reason of pursuing DeLay because he will get sacked if he's wrong.
  7. I just thought that it was funny that both DeLay and Frist have been under investigation because they are percieved by many as walking a very thin moral line, a line which they have been accused of sometimes dancing around. There was never any insinuation that they were immediately guilty nor was it to show that the Bush administration is inept. I don't agree with some of Bush's decisions but that doesn't mean that his entire staff is useless. Hell, if a Democratic senator is placed under investigation for posing naked on the web I'd post information about it because that would be funny as hell I said "see a pattern yet?" because I am wondering which DeLay lackey will be next Sovek: Please post the URLs to the articles that discuss the topics to which you refer to. Should be an interesting read.
  8. Lol! Who says I am anti-conservative? I just thought it was funny that so far two of the most widely recognized (and controversial) republicans are being investigated. The only reason it appears that Bill Frist was investigated and discovered was because of his close ties with Tom DeLay. My post had nothing to do with "jumping on the liberal bandwagon". I also never said they were guilty either. You assume way too much LoArmistead
  9. First DeLay and now Frist! Starting to see a pattern? Apparently Frist is accused of insider trading as he sold some stock he owned in a company that belonged to his relatives days before the stock's value dropped. Bill Frist under investigation (Reuters)
  10. Lol! That's just plain funny! What will those wacky Christians think of next?
  11. Linux driver for the Intel CS430. You should always Google first before deciding that a device isn't supported in Linux. It may not be natively supported by Fedora Core 4 but that doesn't mean the device is not supported at all.
  12. Type this in a console and post what it says: iwconfig wlan0 You may have to use sudo to get the read out. From what it looks like, it appears that there is no AP associated with wlan0. If this is the case then all you need to do is type this after bringing wlan0 up: iwconfig wlan0 ap <wifi routers MAC> Without an associated AP, wlan0 has no idea who to send all the DHCP requests to.
  13. Boot up from the Fedora Core 4 first CD of the install. Go into the recovery console. It should be able to boot your Fedora install or at least let you mount the drive to look for problems. If Fedora has succesfully installed then please post where you installed GRUB to.
  14. What was this speech in response to? What problem was Bush trying to address with this speech?
  15. I picked up "Doom: Endgame" at a garage sale a few years back. Haven't read it yet though.
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