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  1. Very nice review as usual. Antec ONE is a cheaper chassis with painted interior and looks better IMO.-
  2. I really like this motherboard. If I were to build some z77 based pc, then this mobo will the right choice becuase it has all that I want at very low price (only 110$ at newegg) Very good review as usual, thanks for sharing
  3. CPU: [email protected] Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme 4 RAM: 2x8GB DDR3-1600MHz [email protected] Komputerbay GPU: Point of View GTX570 TGT UC Storage 1: WD Caviar Blue 500GB Storage 2: WD Caviar Blue 500GB Storage 3: WD Caviar Green 2TB Optical: LiteOn DVD-RW Chassis: Antec ONE Cooling: EVGA Superclock PSU: Coolermaster GX-650 Display: LG Flatron L192WS 1440*900 Audio: on board Keyboard: MS Wired Desktop 600 Mouse: MS Wired Desktop 600 Country: Venezuela, but I have family in the US so you can send the prize to them in order to save shipping costs Edit: Speakers: Cambridge SoundWorks PCWorks (since 1999 and still running)
  4. I like almost every kind of music, but electronica always has had a special place since 15 years. I like a lot of electronic genres, sub genres, variants and fusions, mostly with jazz (Thievery Corp, K&D, etc...) But about dubstep, I must say that some times I like it, but most of time I really HATE IT! Why? (Long story) ... 9 years ago, my brother lived around 2 years in London UK, he always loved and dj'ed DnB... but from 3 years ago to nowadays, he only plays dubstep, he has turntables + mixer + midi interface + tracktor stuff (controllers + final scratch)... finally bougth a kick butt speakers to crank up his dj-ing sessions... for example: sometimes he's in his room with door locked playing music while I'm in my room door locked watchin a movie, and the bass boomboom-ing doesn't let me hear tv... OMFG turn down the volume right away!!!. I had to talked with him a month ago because neighbors of the building where we live had some complains about his annoying music too late in the night. Hey bro, If you like your music it's ok, but play it for you only, not for the entire neighborhood.- Returning to subject... This is one of my favorites songs from all times http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYieFErpjr4
  5. I was curious about this company because I've never heard about them until 2 weeks ago. So I check out its website and I found that they only have a few products; one cooler and one fan, both with several colors. It leads me to think they are like a newcomer, however they did a really great debut.
  6. Awesome performance, but its XXXL size won't fit in my case, lol.-
  7. OMG!!! Excellent card, gtx570 performance but runs SUPER COOL... 61ºC at full load is truly amazing. Excellent review as usual.
  8. I love this card, runs veeeery cool... but I think is a little overpriced, I know it includes BF3 but price is still a little high. Very nice review as usual.-
  9. Run fah gpu 24/7 means both gpus loaded 24/7 at 100%. GPU Thermal Threshold for 570 is 97ºC, so I don't feel safe running it at 93ºC 24/7.-
  10. I tried but, hdd's cage doesn´t fit into 5 1/4" bays unless I remove dvd unit. If cage would fit, then there would be no room enough to put through hard disks into it, because memory sticks and cpu heatsink are blocking the access.
  11. I'm studying all possible options. Maybe I'll have to add some extra high cfm fans. Thanks for all your answers.
  12. Hi folks. 4 days ago I recieved a bday gift (PoV GTX570 TGT UC). The v-card is fine and I want to used it for increase my [email protected] ppd with my gtx460. The problem: Both v-card temps are too high when folding. Gtx570 reached 93ºC and gtx460 reached 79ºC. I modified the temp curve with after burner. But it didn't work no matter if side panel is mounted or not. I had to remove the side panel of the case, and put a fan on a chair pointing at the rig to keep decent temps. I would like to buy a new case to keep the system very cool, specially both v-cards without remove the side panel. So, I need sugestions. My budget is around 120 US$ (160 max). I know that best cases are full tower size but I'll be great if I find a mid tower one which would meet my needs. I searched some and I like these but I'm open to another options http://www.coolerguy...0556094623.html http://www.amazon.co....3064992&sr=8-4 http://www.amazon.co....3064992&sr=8-8 http://www.amazon.co....3064992&sr=8-5 Keep in mind that I live in a tropical country where 4 seasons are rain or not is always hot, and don't have air conditioner in my room. I don't really know if a new case will be helpfull, or it's better get a dremel to make holes in the side panel and put 2 high cfm fans there. Thanks in advance.-
  13. 1 was taken on first round, and didn't win
  14. To avoid taken or repeated numbers... Copy all numbers to a spreadsheet in excel or open office. Add every new number. Then compare by searching (Ctrl+F) the number you want. It won't take more than 5 minutes.
  15. Good MB, I like the layout and aesthetics but I think it's a little fail. However it's very good capabilities. Nice review as usual.-
  16. Congrats to the happy/lucky winners Enjoy your prizes
  17. If I win one of those XFX PSU's my system specs will be the same so far except the PSU. CPU: C2Q [email protected] Cooling: OCZ Vendetta MB: Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 Ram: 2x2GB OCZ Gold DDR3-1600MHz 8-8-8-24 Video: Sparkle GTX460-768MB HD: WDC Blue 320GB + 2x500GB Case: Thermatake Matrix VX PSU: Corsair TX-750W XFX Pro750W
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