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  1. Done...also reinstalled windows and i feel kind of stupid for that because it didnt fix anything....Its only when i maximize a media player....AH!
  2. This problem is driving me crazy. This card had great reviews and i cant get it to work correctly. Anyways, Running windows 7 x64 and i installed this card and drivers with updated catalyst. Everything works but when i watch a movie and make it full screen everything is grainy and pixelated. Tried older drivers and different media software and its all the same. Any ideas?
  3. The board is something i would stray away from....it will work fine though....little over what you wanted to spend though huh? you could buil a less expensive system if you bout ddr2 memory and an am2+ or am2 processor
  4. Have had prompts coming up saying programs wont work right but for the most part they do....sometimes the spacing is off but the program runs ya know?....its deffinetely faster....i like it...but im running x86...not sure if there is a difference...there shouldnt be....
  5. Want a good water setup with good components. dont want to hack my case up to install it.
  6. You said earlier that you want to overclock to 3.66.....while this is possible the 1ghz club is hard to hit with air cooling....most processors will heat fast with voltage increase and to hit those numbers you will have too increase it substantially....now you have to look at the stock speed....that phenom he showed you could probably hit those numbers with careful tweaking (though you want to stick with intel which is ok)...if you're building a first time overclocking build stay away from going to high till you learn a bit more....things like that require special cooling (phase, water, peltier)...as for your multiplier question...anything black edition by AMD has an unlocked multiplier....as for intel im not to sure what is locked and unlocked....but you can overclock without it...Sounds like fun though man....if you have any question feel free to ask....if you cant figure it out on this forum theres something wrong ....was very late now that i look at the replies..
  7. If you have another card throw it in and see what happens. If it still happens its something else obviously. But that will help you narrow down the issue. Do you have an onboard you could try?
  8. Razor i agree....getting banned for things like that arent right. Another things is that you arent shunned for lack of reputation...whats that about? just silly
  9. Well good at least you figured it out...newegg is always a good alternative
  10. Alright guys whose better? Lets have it.
  11. Well...seems to me your system is unstable....are you overclocking? What version of windows 7 is it (build)?...and what exactly are you installing? drivers or a program?...just need some background info bro
  12. Well check it out....yes your RAM frequency goes up with your cpus though heres the deal....Looser timings will allow you to push you cpu more....some people like to get more out of there system that way...tighter timings will make the ram work faster but limit your cpus performance....the trick is to find the sweet spot in between...remember you dont want 1 piece of hardware overworking...you want equal distribution...what are your stock timings? Voltage?
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