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  1. Just a thought, try swapping around the dvi port the monitor is plugged into, might not help but one of my dvi ports doesnt recognise my monitor and maximum resolution etc, but in the other one it recognoses it, might as well try!
  2. Thanks for everyones oppinions but I have gone for it anway, because i went for a quality OCZ and it had a ridiculasly noisy fan, and so did the replacement so, ill try this one!
  3. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135196/ Or can you recommend another PSU from that shop for under
  4. I had that thermaltake one, i totally loved it, until we had a storm and it was duffed by lightening. It was very capable. I had it running AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.9 Ghz ASUS ATi 4850 Dual slot cooler 3GB DDR2 RAM @667 Mhz 160GB+500GB SATA HDD 3 case fans It did get hot however it was VERY quiet, however to be fair on it when the storm came, it only broke my PSU all other components OK, any more questions send an email. Oh and finially I dont know where you were planning to buy it from but its on amazon for ~
  5. I dont knowm that why im asking! Haha Thanks for the reply
  6. I might be very lucky but i think i should add my temps. With my cheap case with a 120mm intake at the front, a 92mm exhaust on the back, and a 80 mm intake on the side, stock cooling i get between 25-30
  7. Thanks for the reply but the software says cannot set up microsoft windows powertoys. And ye i have already installed the new harddrive and have a few games on it, I think you understand exactly what i want to do, with what you said about mapping so i can save pictures, music etc on the new hard drive and they will be visible in the pictures, music etc folder. Glad it makes sense to you Thanks
  8. Basically, how can i change EVERYTHING i save from now on to save on another hard drive. I have literally ~ 200 mb free out of 144gb on my first hard drive, the one that windows is on. I bought a 500gb hard drive a while back and im now installing games there. So again how can i automatically save everything there. For example if i rip a cd i was it to be savein in the second hard drive, but still be in the music folder with my music from the first hard drive. I hope i am clear enough. If not tell me and ill try and make it clearer. thanks
  9. If you have the Brisbane processor its the same as mine, what temperatures are you getting?
  10. HA I was going to ask how much you would be to ship from Scotland!! nevermind
  11. Haha, I cant imagine living in America, everyone you walk past has a gun or a knife... or two! Would like to live there some day though Is it actually legal there to walk around with a gun hidden in your pocket?
  12. thanks for everyones opinions i have bought the creative soundblaster audigy SE
  13. Thanks for that but right now my onboard sound isnt working, so at least its an improvement!
  14. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/48179 OR http://www.ebuyer.com/product/98073 What do you think of these. Or would i be better splasing out on Soundblaster Audigy SE. Im on Vista Thanks I will be using it for gaming and listening to music
  15. Thanks for the idea but his was originally from a HP Compaq, and its now in a new case, had more ram added, new processor, etc, i dont think my warranty would cover it. Thanks for the idea though. Also it USED to work in my old case
  16. Well my front panel connectors never worked since i got my new case.On the picture at the bottom left is where the plugs for the front panel were on my old case the yellow headers.. I reconnected the connector from my new case and they didnt work. However today i tried to plug them into another slot that fits on my motherboard Labeled HD audio. (to the right of the yellow headers, it fitted the connection so i tried it. I booted up and got a beep and a message saying no output devices installed however there were still my speakers connected at the back of the pc. Anyway I plugged in the headphone plug to the front of my case heard a pop or a spark sound and my pc shut down. i removed the cable to the motherboard headers from the front of my case. When i rebooted i now get the no output devices installed message and now my speakers dont even work! Any thoughts would be great! Thanks! The mother board audio is Audio CODEC: ALC888S Also when i try to open realtak audio manager it wont open.
  17. I have that card! Just made by ASUS its great for gaming and i use it to watch TV on my PC. Remember it requires an auxiliary power connector. It runs games great except GTA4 which is unplayable. And by the way that card competes against Nvidia 9800gtx and gtx260, depending on the game. Any questions keep them coming
  18. Well how about something like an ATi HD4670, they have good performance for TV and media and also do not require a power connector. I presume the currency is $ so ill find one on New Egg (I think thats where americans get their PC stuff) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814102816 This one is also silent.
  19. thanks for that i have a new power supply on the way so i can use my hd4850 again (Last psu dies in thuinderstorm), it boots up verly slow with that but when i use my hd4850 its very slow
  20. Well thats all i see, no desktop just a black screen and my mouse EDIT Sorry see what you mean, i ment sometimes i get the black screen problem and sometimes it misses that bit out and i go straight to the desktop, like you would expect to happen
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