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  1. I get the message The processor detected is not supported. Is there a newer version or something? Thanks
  2. Dont worry found memtest.
  3. Thank you, and yes it is Home Premium.
  4. Thanks for that, how would i go about testing my power supply? can i use that thing in occt? Also i had an OCZ Stealth Xtreme 600W before this one and i got 2 replacements and the fan was still incredibly loud so i got this one. Here is the PSU i have if it helps (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135196) And by the way yes thats exactly the RAM i have. Is there any way to test memory? I use prime 95 and have never had a problem there. Thanks
  5. Can someone give me a step by step guide to install mods such as this one (http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=5646) Thanks
  6. Sorry but what do you mean by look at the power supply? It is quite new and has 20A on each 12v rail (4 12v rails). And it is cheap RAM (this is it http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/3274794/King...m/Product.html) And i actually have 4 GB (i know it wont see all of it though!)
  7. Well im not sure whats happened to my temps, core temp says i load at 80C + (prime 95) where as occt says im more like 60+ max. Which do i believe?
  8. Stuart

    Punkbuster problem

    For some reason i occasionally get kicked from a COD WAW server with this message (pnkbstrb.exe driver failure (pnkbstrk.sys)ffab ) I did the punkbuster test thing and it always freezes at the same place Starting PunkBuster Service Tests (v0.987) (08/03/09 21:31:22) Checking OS Windows NT 6.0 (build 6001, Service Pack 1) 32-bit Checking PnkBstrA service status RUNNING Checking PnkBstrA Version OK (1032) Extracting "PnkBstrB.exe" to: "xxxxxxxxxxx" OK Checking firewall settings OFF Checking if PnkBstrB is running NOT RUNNING Getting port for PnkBstrA OK (44301) Opening socket for packet send OK Sending version packet to PnkBstrA SENT Receiving version from PnkBstrA OK Received 6 bytes from Response = 10203 (ms) Version = v1032 Getting PnkBstrB install instance OK Sending start packet to PnkBstrA SENT Waiting for packet from PnkBstrA OK Received 3 bytes from Response = 14228 (ms) PnkBstrB started. Load SUCCESSFUL. Watching for PnkBstrB instance change (12) CHANGED (13) Getting port for PnkBstrB OK (45301) Sending version packet to PnkBstrB SENT Receiving version from PnkBstrB OK Received 5 bytes from Response = 0 (ms) Version = 2110 Checking PnkBstrK driver status NOT FOUND Extracting new PnkBstrK to: "C:\Users\Stuart\AppData\Roaming\PnkBstrK.sys" OK Sending load packet to PnkBstrB SENT Checking PnkBstrK driver status <<<<<<<<<<<< HERE Any ideas? Thanks This also happens in cod4 with the same message
  9. Everything stock, details are in signiture. Thanks
  10. Well sometimes im in a game but today i was just listening to music and on google maps, here is the details, could it be a heat issue? Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 2057 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: d1 BCP1: 00003AD1 BCP2: 00000002 BCP3: 00000000 BCP4: 8FF6099F OS Version: 6_0_6001 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1
  11. The fan at the bach is 92 mm The only one that isnt stock is the side 80 mm which is only 15 mm deep (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/110716)
  12. 1) This one http://www.ebuyer.com/product/115480 2)Nothing that i can think of 3)No 4)The air coming out the case is hot Also dont know about the fan thing, my cpu fan is at about 1200rpm My pc was made by HP compaq but since then i have changed alot. If this helps this is what it was a while ago! http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/prodinf...product=3578059
  13. I would recommend a 4890 depending how much he plays need for speed, i saw a review somewhere, where a 4850 got better fps than a gtx280 on that game. I'll see if i can find it. Here it is http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,667775/...Reviews/?page=2
  14. Well im having trouble with cooling (See other topics) I now idle at 40-50 C. But if i load my cpu up to say 80C when i go back to idle it sits at about 60C Whats wrong? Thanks Oh and nothing is overclocked
  15. Well core temp always says my cpu temp is roughly double what speedfan says? Coretemp=40C speedfan = 19C Which do i believe Thanks
  16. To continue this post, on my compaq i can see processor speed etc but its greyed out and when trying to select it t just 'jumps over it' Any ideas?
  17. 1)A year and a half 2) driver_irql_not_less_or_equal 3)Factory paste, no dust hope this helps thanks
  18. I just noticed that core temp gives completely different temperatures from speed fan, coretemp- 40C now and speedfan 21C now. I also noticed my clockspeed is jumpong all ove the place which it never used to, its jumpong between 1 Ghz and 2.9 Ghz. I know you get amd cool and quiet could that be it. ALSO i just noticed the voltage changed betwee. 1.1 and 1.3 volts
  19. Yes i am using the stock fan and it is spinning. Stock volts.
  20. Well at stock speeds 2.9 Ghz it idles at about 40 C and load 80+ C. I have been getting BSOD's in GTA4 recently, think its due to the heat? It used to idle 25-30 C and load 60C ish. Cant think why it has heated up. Thanks
  21. Ok great! And thanks for the incredibly quick responses
  22. Thanks for the answer, so there is no point upgrading because we never do that anyway! we only have it to get internet on all the computers
  23. Well im in a wireless network with 3 pc's one connected to the router and the other 2 (one of them being mine) connected via a wireless adapter 54mbps. My question is would i achieve greater download speeds if i upgraded to a 100mbps or faster. Also would i get better ping in online games if i upgraded? Thanks
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