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  1. Well i have my soundcard on the 4.1/4.0 option so i can have my speakers and my headset plugged in at the same time. When in windows they work as they should, i hear everything the same in headset and speakers. When i go into cod4, i can only hear the main menu music in the speakers and nothing through the headset. When i go into a game, the headset never makes any noises i make (shooting, walking etc.) but the speakers do? But i can hear other peoples shooting etc. Whats up? Ant btw, i dont use the headset and speakers at the same time, i just have it like this so i dont have to keep plugging in my headset when i want to use that. Thanks
  2. Thanks for that i knew it started with if, but the thing is im wondering if im looking for something like in webplus 10 where you get 'else' statements. Oh and i tried else and it didnt work!
  3. Here is an excel problem, I hope you can help me out! See attachmants
  4. Solved, moved pc further from tv because it was putting out too much rf or something like that Thanks for everyones input
  5. Blue VGA Also i noticed that it only happens on ITV2 - this is getting stranger!
  6. Actually it is definitely worse on light backgrounds
  7. So there will be lots if circuits in my house since it was built in 1999 and i know exactly what box you are talking about!
  8. THIS COULD JUST BE A COINCIDENCE. But im sure its worse when i scroll on a website with i light background like amazon compared to occ which is dark blue.
  9. Its a Bush flatscreen tv, not sure the exact model it just says in the manual HD ready LCD television. My monitor is a Acer X223W. And im watching freeview which is built into the TV. I tried your good idea and yes it still happens. Also, it started duffing even if im not scrolling, just nowhere near as bad
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, im not sure what you mean by same circuit but they are getting power from different wall sockets, ie NOT wall plug > adaptor > tv and monitor, they are getting power from different plugs. Neither are tube both flatscreen and are roughly 9ft away. Thanks Any more info you need just ask
  11. Well whenever the picture on my monitor changes, for example if i scroll, my tv reception goes mental. The sound duffs and the picture goes all blocky and torn.
  12. Well i had a wireless mouse and i noticed when i used my scroll wheel my tv got strange blocky interference. So i changed to a wired mouse, and this still happens just not quite as bad. Why would a WIRED mouse have this affect
  13. Stuart

    Punkbuster problem

    Thanks all is allowed through firewall and i tried the test thing but it freezes
  14. Thanks for that however i receive this error "System error 6118 has occurred" The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Ok its got worse. I just unlocked my computer and what ever i click on i get the error message kernel32.dll error or something along those lines. Then i get a BSOD with memory management again.
  16. Is there any way or free software that you can tell which computers in your network are turned on? Thanks
  17. Thanks ill do that, its strange because sleep used to work fine.
  18. Well if i put my pc to sleep, when i try to wake it up i get a BSOD and at the top it says MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. then when i push the reset button to make it restart it says, resuming windows, (i have NEVER seen this screen before.) Then goes back to my desktop as though it has been woken up and nothing went wrong? Any ideas? Thanks
  19. Sorry i made a stupid mistake i ment REALTEMP! oops
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