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  1. I haven't run memtest yet since this is just a new build. When I run blend test on prime95, every single worker except for 1 starts failing in the next 10 seconds. I have been getting a few bsods in the past few months but I've really been to busy to bother about it. Any recommendations? I7 920 GTX 275 OCZ Gold 3x2gb running at 800mhz I have not oced anything yet. (too freakin busy )
  2. I just hoped on the ps3 bandwagon. Any games to recommend? PS : Is infamous as good as it is hyped up to be? is it like GTA IV?
  3. I swear I'm gonna get the full magnus grove set for my alchemist. BTW, does anyone know where to get the fish that transforms your pet to a elemental permanently?
  4. Can u put points in two skill tree? like a arcane/battle alchemist. Or will it totally screw up your character?
  5. Hey guys, I have a i7 920, HAF 932 and a Asus R2E. (and of course win 7 home premium x64) Anyway, when i leave steam to download empire total war, the computer after a few hours, will seem to "shut down". My lycosa and lachesis lights will be off, the moniter will be off (no screensaver) and my front red fan in the HAF 932 will stop spinning. Then when i click on my lachesis, the whole systems spring up again. But the problem is when it goes to this fake "shutdown" mode, it stops my steam download. Anybody have any idea to stop this? Edit : Nevermind, i found it in the control panel, just have to turn off the put computer to sleep thing. Mods, please delete this thread.
  6. If you look carefully though, you can see the first person and the second person is the same.
  7. Is it pc or 360? If its pc torchlight is on steam for a pretty good price. If its on the 360 then my choice would be dragon age origins. Fallout 3, the elder scrolls IV series, fable 2 and mass effect are other popular choices for the 360.
  8. So can anyone with star wars KOTOR confirm with me that it works on win7?
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting star wars KOTOR and freedom force (since its dirt cheap now on steam) Does anyone know if both games are compatible with win 7? Thanks
  10. Bought Empire total war and medieval 2 total war. Torchlight seems good though.
  11. I love how they have that "unless we get the result we want, we will not stop" thinking. Jamie FTW!! I love his beard
  12. Well maybe its just me, but i hate playing fps on consoles (cept for the wii)
  13. Isn't the total wars series similar to civilization? 1. Rome : Total War 2. Warcraft 3 3.Starcraft 4.Age Of Mythology 5. Age Of Empire 2
  14. RIP verran. My condolences to his family member.
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