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    Cpu: E6550 3.4 ghz 1.45 volts
    Cooler: Thermaltake Big Typhoon with Antec Tricool fan
    Gpu: Gigabyte Gtx 275
    Case: Antec 900
    Psu: Coolermaster realpower 650watts
    Mobo: Gigabyte P35 DS3
    Harddrive: 320 gb and 250 gb
    Ram: Kingston Value ram 800mhz 2x2gb overclocked to 974mhz
  1. iOverclock

    Upgrades Under Way

    I would not go 5ghz if its going to need 1.7 volts because that is beyond the max voltage limit. Maybe wait for fermi to come out and and hopefully the prices lower for the 5800 series and the gt 100 reviews come out.
  2. iOverclock

    Upcoming Build

    Solid Build imo.
  3. iOverclock

    i5-670 Quick Test

    1 word. WOW
  4. iOverclock

    The super mega budget build of saving money

    You wont regret buying the 5850. Facry max 1920x1080 8xaa = 40 fps average. Crysis 1680x1050 All High= 50 fps GTA 4 1680x1050 All at full except view distance at 35 = 30 fps
  5. iOverclock

    From GTX260 to HD5870...

    lol yea same here. $150 would've been crazy.
  6. iOverclock

    My very first build

    I heard the Prolimatech Megahalem coolers are really good at cooling and can beat the corsair H50. It should be enough if u pair it with 2 powerful fans to reach 4ghz on the i7. And never ever change to nvidia lol.
  7. iOverclock

    New Build for Christmas Present

    Yo check out Umart its in mount waverley. Alot of products and they are really cheap. http://www.umart.com.au/newindex2.phtml?bid=7
  8. iOverclock

    Catalyst 9.12's are out now!

    yea 10.1 it is
  9. iOverclock

    Future build questions

    Yep thats what he is saying. Honestly its really the graphics card that makes a difference and since the phenom is cheaper u should be able to get a faster graphics card.
  10. iOverclock

    Upgrade choice

    Sweet thanks for the help guyz.
  11. iOverclock

    Upgrade choice

    Crysis gets annoying but other games dont. I guess i just got use to the thing.
  12. iOverclock

    Upgrade choice

    So will the powersupply be powerful enough for the 2 5850's?
  13. iOverclock

    Upgrade choice

    i play almost all games. I play at the resolution 3360x1050 (eyefinity with 2 22inchs).
  14. iOverclock

    System suggestions gaming rig

    That board is really nice but i would go a little cheaper unless ur planning to do 3 or 4 way crossfire.
  15. iOverclock

    Upgrade choice

    I have 2 choices. 1. Get a 2nd 5850 Will my Zalman 750-HP watts support it? or will i be required to get a new powersupply. The psu has a 60 amps on the 12v rail. Will the E8400 4.0ghz bottleneck me? 2. Get a new Mobo and Cpu. I was thinking of getting the AMD Phenom x4 955 and a AMD 790GP-UD4H. I can get any of these options so please comment which one is better. I am on a $500 budget. Thx in advance.