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  1. 9KRacing

    AVI to DVD

    To be honest the movie I'm trying to burn is one I bought I long time ago and lost. I just re-downloaded it (albeit through torrent) and want to put it on DVD. But I also have cell phone video and camcorder video I would like to burn. Thanks for your concern about what I'm actually burning to DVD though.
  2. 9KRacing

    AVI to DVD

    Hey guys, I've been trying to put a few movies I have on my hard drive onto a DVD for playing back on a regular DVD player. So far I've tried Cheetah Burn (which won't get the color right or the size), and one other one that left a watermark through the whole movie. <_< What should I use? The movies I want on DVD are AVI and MP4 formats. TIA!
  3. I'm in the bay area and I would love to at least come and watch. LN2 is neat stuff yo. What city in the bay?
  4. QFT. Although... I really didn't notice a big difference in DX9 vs DX10 until I benchmarked Tom Clancy's HAWX with both... it makes a pretty big difference in that game. The entire sky gets filled with clouds and sun rays and stuff... vs... just open sky.
  5. Hrmm, I'm curious as to what games you can't play at 1920x1080. The only games I have ANY problems with are Crysis and Crysis warhead, and GTA IV. Everything else plays like butter at max res. I have Assasin's creed, Wolverine, Hawx, Ghostbusters, Far Cry 2, Prototype, all the Need for Speeds, GRID, Burnout, Warcraft, FEAR 1 and 2, Sims 3, World in Conflict, etc... The 9600GT is a pretty darn good card for the money. Anything you can't play on a 9600GT I would imagine you can't play on a 9800GTX either. You MIGHT get 5-10 fps difference. Edit: reading owns me. I've never played TF2, it must be pretty intense to crumble a 9600gt. I may have to check that out...
  6. Most of the time a GPU won't artifice until it hits a certain temp... you might have to play for an hour of two to see anything. If OCCT finds errors, you can bet it WILL artifice at some point. Maybe not in any games you currently play, but at some point it will. As long as you don't play for a period of time with a GPU artificing it won't be a problem. Just play your games, and if you see glitches back the clock speed off some. No biggie.
  7. I have an 8330 on the Sprint network and I love it. I was thinking about getting the new Pre, but at $200 I don't see an excuse yet since it doesn't really have anything my Blackberry doesn't. You'll most likely be very happy with a curve, everyone I know loves theirs.
  8. With a lower multiplier though, so overclocking won't see the same great results the 920 did. And after all, isn't that what we're all about here?
  9. Right.... except it outperforms the 4890. You can easily hit 700 core on that Asus 260, most reviews I see have it at 800 or so and it outperforms 275s. Our very own OCC review What it does at 800 core The thread was "best video card for $200"... I'd like to see one better.
  10. Thats pretty much your option... or just run 4 gigs and sell the other 4. Running 8 gigs is well known to be finicky, it is rarely plug and play.
  11. Lord knows I love the E8*00 series chips, but for $1600 you can build a WAY better computer than that. WAAAAY better. Try a core I7 920 chip, any X58 mobo that supports SLI or crossfire, 6GB of TRIPLE channel memory and 2 GTX 260s or Raedon 4870s OR 1 gtx 295 if you think you will want to add another later. (You most likey won't need the power of SLI 295s for 2-3 years.) Keep the Corsair PSU but change the HDD to the WD caviar black or seagate barracuda. Dark Knight is a great 1366 cooler and the case is entirely up to you as long as it will fit a GTX series card and cools well. I can build something like that for $1500 shipped off Newegg, including tax. Edit: $1471 after tax and shipping for - Case HDD Video Card X2 in SLI PSU RAM MotherBoard CPU CPU Cooler That will CRUSH any E8400 with a 285.
  12. This will give better FPS in 90% of games when OC'd, as well as supporting physX and CUDA.
  13. Press the windows key + R. Now type MSCONFIG in that box. Now go to the startup tab and de-select anything you KNOW you don't need starting up. (itunes, quicktime, google notifier, etc. Restart your computer. Watch it boot up twice as fast. You're welcome.
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