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  1. Is there one available online or something? Like a commercially available product, becaues I doubt I will get a broken mac at a good price.
  2. Whichever is cheaper. Difference doesn't exist if you're using a 32 bit system(unless you count power savings).
  3. How much would that cost? Could you point me toward a good laptop chassis?
  4. I think I can firmly assure you that if you are going to be using headsets or really anything less than a $500 set of surround sound speakers, you will not need a discrete sound card. If your onboard is broken or from nineteen-ninety-late, I would probably recommend the X-Fi Audigy.
  5. Compxpert, your Gateway would be great, except its battery lasts about 5 hours less than I would like. I don't think that there will be many Core 2 Duo's that have 17" screens and can get 8 hours of battery life out of anything but a Plane battery. That is why I wanted the Atom. I would certainly prefer a C2D, but that is not realistic. And 8 hours battery life and 17 inch screens are my first priority. No 13.3" will do it for me. nor will a 15.4" or anything like that. I'm OK with a laptop that weighs ~20lbs If it can meet the requirements. Really.
  6. Ok, well thanks for informing me that such a laptop does not exist yet. However, I shall remain hopeful.
  7. Must have: 17" Screen. Intel Atom CPU. 8 hours battery life Negotiable: Under 12 lbs Does not look awkward DVD drive Does not burn my lap Costs under $1000 Stays cool. Don't care: Hard drive RAM OS It must have a few of the negotiable things. At least 2 I would say. Ideally the fifth and third. The rest I can live with.
  8. Sometimes. I have seen people tell others to do it. That's not very nice lol. But I learned about it, and I kinda use it rather than moving my hand to the mouse...
  9. Umm... Best within reason would be a i7 920, SLI 295's, 6GB RAM 1600Mhz, blu-ray drive and wc cooling setup. The gfx cards will run you about 1000 themselves, and the rest of the stuff would be another thousand or so. especially considering you would need a 1000W PSU to clock those where you would like them. 295's are 289W each, i7 can get to 210W with D0 stepping running prime at 4.5Ghz with however much voltage you need to get there, and using a barely there PSU generally ends up being trouble anyway.
  10. "Nobody will ever need more than 640k RAM!" -- Bill Gates Hmm... Coincidence? Anyway, to OP, i7 is a good idea, LGA 1366 is not being discontinued, Gulftown is coming on the same socket(1366). Vista is a skip. Win 7>Xp>Vista.
  11. Are you gaming? If you are, with the exception of FSX, you will see FAR better performance with a dual-core chip which you clock super high and spending money saved on the CPU on the GPU. i7/295 is the best of the best. E8500/GTX 260 is a perfectly reasonable alternative. But if you do get a PII 940, you should probably get an ATI card, considering it is the same company,
  12. Jeffro, You have a D0 chip. So your stats will be different from the guy above's probably. Your CPU and QPI voltage will be closer to 1.28 for 3.6 Ghz operating continuous use. 1.35 Volts would make sense on your chip for 4.1Ghz+ based on my experiences with D0's. And your temps show that you have a stock cooler. Which means you should get an aftermarket cooler if you want to OC without "bricking" your chip. Especially with a D0 i7 which you could easily get past 4 Ghz.
  13. Yah, P6T is 1366. P5Q is roughly the 775 equivalent.
  14. Psh, all that stuff IS useless. All MY hardware is strictly professional...
  15. i7 920 would probably be a better choice for a quad GT200 SLI. With 295x2, you're looking at the AMD 955 bottlenecking your performance in quite a few more games than you may like.
  16. Get C2D to save yourself money, and OC it to high levels. Or get i7 for being future proof/playing FSX.
  17. i7 975 is the way to go. They're binned for real nice performance, and 950 is basically a 920 with little higher multiplier. plus the unlocked multi on the 975 will get you much better OC headroom. You won't be bus limited. Either get a 920 or 975. I would prefer a 920, but 975 if you have a huge budget.
  18. If gaming, you're GPU limited, and the PII unlocked multiplier can be fun(plus it's cheaper). You won't see too much of a difference. And the PII 955 is cheaper. If using something crazy like 3xGTX 285 or 2xGTX 295/4870X2, then I7 might be better in games. If you're playing FSX or actually doing something CPU intensive which is multi-threaded, then go i7 920, it beats the pants off the AMD offerings, since it is a much better CPU.
  19. Huh? Where are you getting this? C0 stepping 965's have trouble getting to 4Ghz at the same voltage that the D0 920's get there at. C0 920's can definitely get to 4Ghz, but they need quite a bit more voltage than the D0 batch. And most of them disable HT to do so. The D0 batch has a lot more chips that go way past 4Ghz. One thing you can say about the D0 is that they put out heat as they attain these extremely high clocks. But then again, that is to be expected. Of course some of the D0's are not better than C0's. All CPU's are unique. the 920 is the lowest binned Nehalem. So the current improvements for the D0 doesn't mean all chips come out very nicely. The better ones out of the lowest C0 bin will definitely be better than the worse ones out of the entire New Nehalem wafer. You may just be unlucky and get a bad OC'ing D0. You can prevent this by getting a 940, but that is probably a waste of money for most.
  20. Increase Bclck in the Bios until it isn't prime95 stable, then increase volts until it is, raise bclck, etc. That's the gist of it, it gets a bit more complicated when you're going a bit hardcore, like 4.0Ghz+(which the D0 chips easily do)
  21. TRUE. Or Noctua. No other HSF is probably worth it. Thermaltake will fit your budget, but won't meet your OC'ing needs. For all purposes, a Thermaltake V1 is like a quiet Stock heatsink, with a bit better performance.
  22. Me: Why does everybody think Billy is better than Bob? Everyone else:Billy is better than Bob because he's different. He was made later, from different parents. Me: What is better about him? Everyone else: Isn't it obvious, he was made later and is different. Me: So? Everyone else: Everyone else everywhere else says so too! Me: BUT WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! No, but seriously, I looked it up. Memory Bandwidth is like 8x better. Per clock cycle, an i7 can do about 6x more in a couple things, due to its core logic implementation. The uncore is the most brilliant part though. This thread can be closed.
  23. Add a Blu-ray player If you have an HDTV. Huppage TV Tuner cards are nice and about $100.
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