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  1. for me in Australia a 1080 is $899 and a vega 64 is $1250, i could get a 1080ti for $1199, so going from what you guys have said it is definitely not worth me getting a vega 64. thoughts on the 1070ti @ $829?
  2. Hi all i am building a new PC but as i have been out of the loop in PC building for a few years now im just wondering if people think its worth waiting for the next gen from Nvidia rather then getting the GTX 1080 now? im happy to wait around 6 months or so. also a side Question, is AMD worth looking at on the level of the 1080?
  3. what about Australian shops, il spend a bit more mate that 100 was just a guess,
  4. na its cool mate i was just meaning im happy with how its running/set up i just want a good card, no the mobo is rather crap sound side of things. have both pci and pci-e free so either is cool. good idea with the optics tho il see into it i guess outputs are not really a prob its more that im after really clean sound no buzz and clicks because its runing high quality/power amps and even higher speakers and i just love good sound quality it runs amazing from my Yamaha CD player sounds great but the same cant be said for the old onbord sound.
  5. hmmmm i must say i do like that card very nice
  6. i dont need to know how to set up amps subs ect been doing it for a long time. i just need a good card to run it with clean sound its for music so i dont even need 5 channel it all runs from one input at the moment and being for music thats all you need. one input being 2 channels, and yes sub will run from the Yamaha.
  7. well at the moment there just 3.5 to RCA but i would like strait Rca one of my amps is not optic fibre so thats out
  8. im running a Yamaha avx-700 and Pioneer vsx-d711 amps and Cerwin Vega D8s towers and Sub-Sonic PM-1 MK1 towers, soon to be adding a (next week) Electrovoice ELX115P 15" sub, set up is 1800wRms. dont care much about the recording side of things. and i dont really care about headphones to much but they run from the Yamaha amp if i do anyway.
  9. hey all Im after a new sound card for mostly music for about $100 give or take(more if $100 is far to low), iv never had a sound car that is not the onbord one but i have a rather expensive audio set up that i would like to run off my pc now. Im after clean sound above all. pre thanks for your help. Josh
  10. either frozencpu or pccasegrear hmmm ok. what about air? or not even worth a look prob rather the water anyway.
  11. Hey all im after a good but not to high on the price cpu cooler for my i7920 may help to know its sitting above 2 gtx 480s (stock cooled) so as you can imagin it gets hot in there. been thinking bout the Antec Kuhler H20 620 so thats about my price range (give or take a little). and as a side question what TIMs are good in general? your helps much appreciated.
  12. just wanted to know if any cheap Nvidia cards (GT220, GT240 etc.)will work as dedicated physX card with a gtx295 and if it will make any difference at all to performance (iv never had a dedicated PhysX card so im a noob at this)
  13. ok well thanks to all that have the IQ to answer proply like i say its not my choice as too what he wants.
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