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    In the process of specing an i7 system and would like to call on the expertice of the members in achieving a superb build. I will obviously involve myself in the forums and who knows I may be of value as a member, I certainly hope so.
  1. Anyone else that may be considering an EVGA x58 SLI Classified should visit https://www.evga.com/forums/tm.asp?m=100602223 as there are issues with the PSU's that it works with along with a few others. The Thermaltake 1500w are a bit hit and miss. [My original spec] The Ultra x3 1600w will work and are now in the new specs.
  2. I will be doing quite a bit of video editing, encoding etc as well asusing the bulk of the CS4 suite I will most certainly get tremendous pleasure out of it, from the planning to completion to having it running I basically want the machine to handle my work to a high standard, I want it to be excellent for games and I want to make as much of a contribution towards the science projects as possible especially [email protected] and of course the overclocking aspect. Its been on the drawing board for 4 years and for one reason or another its been delayed, but the time is right, everything is now in place. I happen to feel that the [email protected] project is worth the consideration and the additional expense and although the point structure is there to encourage friendly competition [and therefore the whole folding comunity benefits] This is not what motivates me, I am not looking for any personal gain or notoriety. I am in a very fortunate position to be able to consider such a build and want to put it to the best use possible. If my participation assists in any way to achieve the goals of these good people or to be part of a community that most certainly will benefit mankind now and in the near and distant future, thats enough for me!
  3. Your idea of building 2 isn't so "crazy" now. To have the ability to double up in 1 case is absolutelly fantastic, more than happy with your solution and may I say not as expensive as I was expecting. You have revitalised the build and steered it into another direction which I feel will massivly improve the end result. It looks to be the PERFECT solution, once again many many thanks
  4. I think YOU have cracked it, If the options are so vast, then it should be problem solved. Thank you and also ccokeman, GREAT result Will obviously let keep you informed of progtess
  5. Like it as an artwork, but for my use I think it may be impractible
  6. Would be good but I cant even find a case for this one
  7. Many thanks EVGA review http://www.guru3d.com/article/evga-x58-sli...ssified-review/
  8. Full 3 way SLI on the EVGA + physixs card and audio card http://www.guru3d.com/article/evga-x58-sli...ssified-review/ It is the folding and seti that I will be doing as well as CS4 stuff
  9. my appologies 290w but would prefer to be able to expand to 4 dual cards ... case permitting http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/product_gef...gtx_295_uk.html
  10. 3 GTX295's @ 390w each + i7 975 130w + hard drives etc could be pushing it on 1 1500w It would be maxed out all of the time, which is what I am trying to avoid
  11. Thanks anyway, with 2 of us looking we stand a better chance
  12. I would prefer to wait for the new Nvidia cards with GDDR5, I have read that they may be on 32nm die, less heat or more power, OC capabilities should improve. [i think it is going to be called GT300? series] 3 - 4 of those is going to be quite an investment + H2O. A long wait but can still run less expensive cards for the intrim
  13. [email protected] and SETI I also use CS4 Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator The other reason for what seems to be excessive on the PSU's is to build in 40+% so that the units arn't flat out all the time, extending life expectancy. Yes I have considered building a case but would appreciate your input as it is an area that I have not researched and have little knowledge
  14. Hi thanks for the quick response For the 2nd stage 3/4 dual GPU'S
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