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  1. for all i know the crash was just stupid vista 64 cause my mem hasnt crossed 30.8c still lol. So if clock speeds dont do much what is a good option for more performance. I noticed a difference when i bumped my cpu from 3.1 to 3.25 but now that its like 3.42ish i havnt noticed a whole lot of difference and i havnt maxed out the core or shaders on my cards yet. Have any suggestions for starting points?

  2. ive been running this setup for about 2 weeks straight hours of non stop gaming with room temperatures up to the 90's and its never once had a problem not one. But it did last night in like a 60degree room and all my other temps were good. I havnt gotten a chance to stress test it since because im at work but i got temp probes in 2 places on my ram now ill give it a shot when i get home

  3. Hey guys how hot can my ram get before it freaks out. Im running amd6000+ oc to 3.42 which it generaly crashes at 3.45 and 2 9800gtx almost to there max OC cpu is liquid cooled but my ram only has the stock heatsinks and my comp crashed for the first time after a long gaming session. CPu GPu and MB were in the 40's but im not sure about my ram im ganna hook up some sensors right now i think it got too hot.... What is too hot for ram??

    please help quick

  4. I dont like fan gaurds in my head thats just less airflow. Plus noone but me uses my comp so fingers are safe lol. but the day i stick my finger in one im sure ill get some. plus good news i tihnk im ordering the amd x4 940 3.0 quadcore and next paycheck getting another radiator and gpu waterblocks.

  5. Ya terrorist hunt is a blast and so is co-op story, BUT man when u get on a good versus server with .. what is it 14 ppl or whatev THATS AWESOME. co-op story is amazing too its nice having 4 ppl and raiding rooms through multipul doors or windows and catching them by surprise. The tactics make the game just a load of fun.

  6. Hey guys i was just wondering how many of you play rainbow six vegas 2. I was skeptical about it until i played it I LOVE THIS GAME but we need to get more ppl on it. Ive played a LOT of fps i beta tested the original CS way before 1.6 days. Ive played many other MANY and im seriously impressed with this game it just needs some more ppl playing online. So how do you guys feel about it and if you like it get a friend to try it. also gotta love tf2 , codwaw.

  7. The pump is inside tucked not touching anything or blocking any fans, the case was designed around the components. Thats an external tank on the outside if thats what ur talking about. If so i put that outside for kicks. :thumbs-up:

  8. Hey guys Im new on this forum, although I have been using this site for information for a while now its about time i joined. So i figure i should post up my rig and say hello.

    I made this case by hand outa good ol steel and plexi kept me busy for a week so tell me what u think. ( new processor on the way amd x4 940 3.0 ):thumbs-up:

    my comp: asus m3n-ht delux hdmi, amd 6000+ 3.1 OC to 3.42, 2 evga 9800gtx superclocked plus OC , 8gigs kingston hyperx dual channel 1066mhz, TT liquid cooling, Corsair psu



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