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  1. thats a hard choice You wont be ablt to run SLI on the Thermalright. Plus Thermalright shows not specs on temperatures I ALWAYS go with a company that does the research and testing and isnt affraid to show u what there product does but thats me. So i would choose AC, PLus i love sli so its nice to know if u want a second card later you wond need 2 new coolers. Have you considered water cooling??

  2. well you should be posting OC help questions in the proper forum. But welcome. There is all kinds of information on here about overclocking just search around and you will find pretty much anything you need to know. Including processor specific data. But go and post in the overclocking section if you want more ppl to help you.

  3. Yes they are self tapping screws keeps everything simple. The drives are hung from the top brace WORKS BITCHEN plus can be easily removed for any reason. The external tank is for kicks i have a flow indicator inside running from the radiator to the inside resivor ill get some pics up when i get home. My gpu blocks got bumped back a day wont be here till thursday :( so im waiting. Thanks for the comments. O and about the stickers i was very reluctant myself but i was bored one day and did it anyway since i got a couple cracks on edge of that plexiglass screwing around (like a moron) so its ganna be replaced anyway.

  4. Well the first vid card is ready and waiting for gpu blocks to arive (the fins looks buggered but they are not its just shiny sanded metal) The reason i choose to use the factory mofset and mem block is pretty simple its ganna cost 70$ for the new sinks plus then it will be a bare card this saves me money and looks almost as if nothing happened plus with a fan on a big sink thats no longer affected by GPU temperatures will run HELLA COLD



    and this is what they are ganna look like :) you would almost never know



    as soon as i can afford hopefully next paycheck im getting x4 940 to get this beast rolling

  5. WARNING there are some images containing images of thermaltake products. For those of you with sensitive eyes be carefull. But rest assured these products are no longer on this system.

    Ok this is my home made case with use of the case space hand tailored to each component and airflow. SPECS (asus m3n-ht delux hdmi, amd 6000+ 3.1 OC to 3.42,

    2 evga 9800gtx superclocked plus OC ,

    8gigs kingston hyperx dual channel 1066mhz,

    Custom liquid cooling, Corsair psu.

    Vista 64 ) other than my gpu water blocks which arive this week (mcw60's) and second radiator. So this is my case as of how im using it now.



    so now ill bring u from the beginnings of the case to the present project.

    Heres the basic frame being somewhat welded





    Paint and plexiglass cut with a couple components in




    final face plate test






    brother admiring :)



    getting wires sorted




    what it looks like in the dark




    SO now im working on water cooling the video cards and also added fan controls and 2 temp probes to the face to monitor my ram

    so here is my massive cooler





    So thats where im at The main construction took about a week and a half doin a couple hours a day after work. STAY TUNED more to come this week

  6. if your ram is only rated at 7-7-7-20 that doesnt sound like very good quality ram might be iterested in getting something better. Also remember to check out your ram volts. Also read up on overclocking reviews on your processor and see what other people have done to make it stable and that should give you a ballpark for multipliers and volts n whatnot.

  7. Hey would you be interested in making a case? I was able to make mine for about 50$ and it runs colder then pretty much any water cooling case on the market and looks sweet (imo) Im want to start a case building thread to go over all design issues. mycomp.jpg if that gives you an idea of what it looks like. To give you an idea my cpu is oc as far as it can go will never cross 55c no even if my room is 100 degrees. with sli 9800gtx oc to the max also they never cross 54c with fans only on 75% for endless hours of gaming on the highest res on highest graphics no matter how intense. So lemme know if ur interested. Some fabracation skills required.

  8. What would be the benefit of using T1 or T2 ??? and i have kingston hyper x dual channel 1066 the kingston says the factory settings should be 5-5-5-15 how would i know exactly how low to start out dropping the rate or should i leave them alone? i have 8 gigs of ram on a amd6000+ OC to 3.41

  9. Ok been a while since ive been able to get back to this Were getting a clan going we have a server and a site BANDAi! so if anyone is interested http://bandai.vze.com/ site is still not fully done Ip is So we should be trying people out tonight so anyone who is interested and has some talent Come play also hit me up on steam friends email [email protected] and we can get this moving! please PM if anyone is interested BANDAi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SO come play

  10. Have you done all your updates and drivers? when i first installed vista64 my cd/dvd drive took FOREVER to do anything i mean ANYTHING but once i got all my drivers and everything up to date ive never had a problem. Vista still has its lil bugs like sli just got fixed not too long ago n such so if u dont have ALL the updates expect problems.

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