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  1. OK well im tired of waiting for my last parts so heres the monster radiators :) sorry my normal camera is broks these are cellphone pics

    and teh parts im waiting on are a HEATKILLER 3.0 cpu block, mpc355 pump and xcsp res top.





    And if you were wondering Yes these are heatercores. Full copper/brass dual pass.

    before anyone wants to shoot the down the have been being designed since the invention of the car for over 100 years for the specific purpose of transfering liquid heat to air. Ive seen many people use these to great success with temperatures i myself couldnt believe. So we shal see what happens. It will be fun either way.

  2. Does anyone else fail to see what in those trailers makes it seem these are trailers for a mechwarrior game? So many games have large mech/robots these days, it could be anything, IMO.

    Dont take my moment of joy away from me! lol

  3. Well he pretty specifically said he wants to upgrade components later on and for me personally its much easier to upgrade cpu and videocards than a motherboard. And a quality motherboard can save a lot of headaches. Plus on the money saving side with a SLI board he can see how fast he wants his graphics to be and find out what 2 cards will surpass it and just buy one for now and get another later. Worked GREAT for me and the 2 good cards were cheaper than the 1 awesome card and much faster. Thats my 2 cents.

  4. Well for one i just tried doing things on a budget and the only items i skimped quality broke. SO i think you should focus on your motherboard. Get something that can handle what you might wanna do down the road like SLI or something. CPU and vid cards can always be upgraded. Get good ram that you can just add on later. if you know ur ganna get a 940 later (which is what i planned) get like a 6000+ for now its like 50-60$ and u can run it at 3.45 all day. 64bit vista works great for me but maybe consider 7 since im sure vista will start losing support.


    Props on static-x img

  5. So i ordered a Heatkiller 3.0 cpu block mcp355 pump with xspc restop ya this thing is ganna run colder than i could imagine. Hopefully parts will be here tomarow. The new radiators are mounted, the one on top isnt so pretty i didnt realize how huge these things are but the performance will be worth it. I will get pictures online as soon as my stuff gets in. NO MORE THERMALTAKE!!!!!!! and sorry about pics its all from my phone which is 3.0meegapixle my normal camera is broke so im stuck with it for now.

  6. NEW RADIATORS COME IN TODAY will have pics up later. TT external tank is removed slowly peice by peice this is becoming a top notch water cooling system. Also my uv sensative coolant will be gone switching to distilled water and some water wetter. water wetter is one of the best cooling products plus the anti corosion whatnot. SO dramatic temperature changes coming soon!

  7. quick question WhY a KA??? ive built a few sr20's for less than your putting into this with 400rwhp much more relaibly with less work. Plus then your set to later on Build a 8-900hp monster if wanted compared to the KA which the block can only handle so much. I have a friend with a 650hp ka But that requires moly sleves and more work than u could imagine stock KA block much over 400 will blow a huge hole in the side just like most mitsubishi guys have found on theyre eclipses.

  8. ok this is ganna be big... i hope ur internet is ready for all this.

    OK so heres test fitting the blocks



    It fit *****EN!





    Both of em DONE! but not togeather still had to cut and fit lines and leak test




    leak testing!! jumped the psu so there is no power to anything else.



    no leaks so i moved on



    getting air out



    pulled the cards as far out as i could and got em covered up








    heres the rear lightened the pic a lil too much



    job well done




    There is a fa on the underside of the radiator so its 2 side by side but one is on the underside.





    SO i hope you guys enjoyed this as much as i did O and i forgot to show the large hole i cut into the top plexi but u can just imagine it cause im lazy :) After some testing my video cards went from 58c(stock) to now 38c on full load highest graphics settings for hours. So thats 20c drop in temp in cards... thats just rediculous and it also dropped my cpu from 54-55 to 44-45 NUTS the big butt radiator works insane!!!!!!!!!!! so the results are awesome and its gamma make this computer a whole lotta fun

  9. ok i have 2 of them u can easily run core at 800 shader at 2000 and mem at 1150 with no issues SHOULD ive had mine up at 833-2107-1200 but i just run it a lil less since i dont notice much hope that helps BTW GET EVGA PRECISION if ur not using it

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