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  1. Hey well i can get my fsb to any speed i want now but my processor is being super fickle. I cant even get 3.5 at 1.6v i am wondering if my ram timings are too tight when i get out of what most can do with this processor. 5-5-5-15 I run 3.422 daily 24hr stable but the second i tip over 2.5 BAM unstable. my temps dont cross 44 on load should i consider more volts or just playing with timing??

  2. Two question for you:


    Open System: Since your system is open, you're subject to anything that might end up in the air. Aren't you concerned that eventually you could start picking up dirt and such that could damage your pump as it goes through?


    Pump Head: You've added a significant amount of tubing to your system. Have you noticed a pressure loss?


    Great mod other than that though. Those temps are pretty darn impressive in any system, let alone one without a rad :)


    Well for your first question. You can run a fan filter to prevent this but otherwise occasional maintinence is needed. Pretty simple though i pop off my showerhead top just by sliding it off and plop it on my window seal. Simply slide off the top tube whipe down with damp wrag. Stick tube and showerhead back on... done lol. Uhm well The only time anything will get into the water is when i open my tank. Only other items that could make it past screens n whatnot is the occasional doghair (which floats and pump intake is at bottom) and maybe some dust but most of that would stick to the sides (hints the first step) before it will make it to the water. This might sound complicated but its really not. Also you can add a pump filter if you want i just chose not to.


    Now the second question. My mcp355 has 20ft of head stock, the inclusion of xspc res top increases the performance. So uhm no lol my setup uses maybe 6-7 ft of that head. This pump hauls butt youl would never know. O and actually the amount of tubing hasnt really increased because i dont have tubing running everywhere inside my case going to the radiators. Which makes computer maintinence SUPER EASY. O and one more thing, Notice how my pump is really low So the weight of the water is actually pushing into the pump which eases its stress since its not sucking the water its kinda force fed.

  3. Im already getting close to dewpoint with the high humidity lately. If i were to slushbox my tank i would have to insulate my mobo and vid cards which is way too much work. Plus these k8 processors cold bug anyway. But in a couple weeks im goin for the amd k8 world frequency record. I just got my mobo set up so i can run over 300fsb if needed.

  4. So pretty much ive delt with a lot of radiators to get decent temps. But now i can get below ambient temps every day with my home made bong. Its pretty intense.


    Ok so Normal radiators are cooled by ambient air. SO the best you can get with the best radiators money can buy is Ambient temp water. Now this is an Evaporative cooling system Ambient air only has small effect on whats goin on. Its pretty simple setup Showerhead at top breaking the water into as small of droplets as possible making more surface are for the water to get hit with air and evaporate releasing all the heat. There is a 120mm fan on the elbow that blows air up and out. The pvc goes all the way down into the cooler which is holding about 5 gallons of water. I also use window screen to help further break up the water and also to dampen splashing noise. This is a simple rundown on whats goin on ill give you more later. But to give you an idea when my room is 90f (no ac and my room is upstairs) My cpu at 1.55v idles at 34 load 42 my gpu's idle at 29-30 and max load of maybe 38. Now when i say max load i mean torture testing prime95/furmark whatnot. On average my gaming temps are 38cpu 31on both gpu's which is pretty sweet.


    Now take note Bong cooling is EXTREMELY simple anyone with 3/4 of a brain and some basic tools can do this. There is a little waterloss but since you wont be running coolants its not expensive in any way. Also use http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/...3+90401+500967 To keep growth out of your water. Note There are so many ways to make these it can be pretty much any height/ any size tank as long as you make changes to get the evaporation needed to make it effective. Mine is medium size But due to large volume tank makes minimal maintenance and i still have room to make it run even colder.















    So this dropped my temps another... 7-10c Its pretty awesome and now my comp is completely silent with just a trickle of water. HELL YA



    SO getting started.









  5. Well the amd k8 world record is 4.2somethin so i know it can be done. But the comp is running stable i just cant get too crazy for a couple days while there are these heat spikes in CA its 9:30am and its already 95degreese outside. So its just a matter of hours until my room is HOT.

  6. Well you were 100% right am2 just doesnt like 1066 ram im sitting here wondering why it wouldnt pass 238fsb tried lowering ht to 800 no difference. So i lower the ram to 667 bam im running 14x244 3.416ghz. So now i gotta keep moving up until it hates on my ram again. I cant afford to get 800 ram for another 2 weeks so im kinda bummed.


    Update now im at 13x263 im getting close :)

  7. On a Side note, Why a Dice pot.... If there is a dice but there must be a video. :D


    Here is My CPU ID



    dice = dry ice so i can run like -60c and get 4.3ghz if i can get my freckin fsb up i dont understand why its not going further. Your way past with less volts than me. Also wondering what is ur vdda and nf 200 chip voltage at. at ht 800mhz and 1.3v and nb at 1.3v 238fsb should be no problem. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=604271

  8. ima be workin hard this weekend to try and reach near 280fsb ima go for the amd k8 frequency record. once i sort out the fsb just gotta get me a dice pot and start cranking!!


    Well i dropped my multi to 14 started raising fsb crashed at 238 where it couldnt find device to boot or whatev. i even dropped my ht link to 800 before so im a lil confused with ht-nb at 1.3v do you have your vdda volts set to something mine is still on auto?

  9. well i havnt gotten the chance to push my fsb further i just got home but ya im lovin it. before i couldnt even raise from 220 to 221 and it went to 228 withought even second guessing. If it gets cold enough tonight ill see what i can do my cpu is at 1.55v so im not sure how much further i can go before ima need more volts. right around 3.4 is what most ppl max for stability some have reached over 3.5 but i dunno this chip works great i might be able to push it a lil. but for now ill just lower multi and see if i can reach a fsb of over 240-250 would be cool. my mobo hasnt went up in temp at all under max load its 35c

  10. and its not exactly that im trying to make my ram way faster im just trying to squeeze everything i can out of what i got. And im confused as to why my comp is fine at 220x15.5 but not 227x15 or even lower multi. for whatever reason my fsb doesnt like to cross 220 when many ppl run this board well over 240-250 all the time

  11. Ok so lemme break this down. M3n-ht delux mobo which has 780a sli chipset amd6000+ brisbane, 8gigs kingston hyperx ddr2 dual channel 1066.

    So ive been running my cpu at 15.5x220 which is 3.41ghz for quite a while. Due to the fact my cpu is am2 not am2+ my mobo wont let me select 1066 only 800mhz for my ram. Due to the OC it is like... 856mhz or something at 2.2v 5-5-5-15. So i wanted to run my cpu at 15x227 which is like 3.405 but it crashes 1.55v. This board should be capable of much more than a 220fsb(ht whatev u wanna call it) plus i cant find a setting anywhere for ram divider. So if anyone knows how i can get my ram speeds up and get this Ht past 220 that would be nice. I have no idea what my NB voltage is its on auto and i dont have something to monitor volts. So any help would be nice.

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    my computer is running!!!! now i just gotta reset all my overclocks while the air is still workin its way out. here is my pretty res res.jpgnewset2.jpgnewset1.jpgHK.jpgnewset3.jpghksweet.jpg SO lemme know what ya guys think so far ima start roasting this pig and see what kinda temps its ganna get... even though my top fans need to be upgraded and its 85degrees in my room but whatev!

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