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  1. Well I have an Evga Classified with a 920 D0 38441716 batch chip at 1.2125 volts. Its mounted with a Heatkiller 3.0 Cu with TIM Consultants ThermalPaste. I have a XPSC RX360 rad mounted internally on the top inside of the case blowing air out with three Enermax Magma 120 69cfm 1.4 Pa Fans with three silverstone case fans (50cfm guess) pulling air out. The pump is a MCP655 Variable speed. I also two more Magmas as exhaust fans, and two San Ace 120 38mm intake fans. The thing is when I turn on I machine lets say at 22 C ambient the temps will look good at 33-36 idle. Play some games for an hour and my idle will be like 38-42 and I can feel heat coming at me from the wooden entertainment case (use to house a TV). If I prime blend in 25 ambient I'll get a spread of 50-55 degrees at stock. Last night it was cool at like 20 ambient and the spread was 46-50 degrees. My feeling is that my loop is inefficient at getting rid of the heat once it builds up. Also wanted better results for the time and money I put into it. Granted I did make some mistakes. Went with fans that were hyped too much and mounted the fans the wrong way... Thanks.
  2. I have got to get new fans. I've got a rx360 rad and my idle temps were like at stock 36-42 during day and 29-34 at night with speedstep on! Load temps stock 920 d0 1.2125v 1600mhz ram 1.25 cpuvtt volts at 52-54 max and all these other less glamorous coolers do just as well if not better!
  3. Anyone know if those results are with HT on or off? Thanks.
  4. The 195.62 drivers make my screen flicker on and off in SLI. The whole screen flickers like a bad flourescent bulb. The only fix was to either disable sli and reenable sli in the nvidia control panel, or go back to 191.07. I really wanted the SLI profiles 195.62 had to offer. Oh well.
  5. Wondering what your stock and overclock idle load temps are like? Don't forget ambient temp...
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