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  1. If you can take a photo i can tell you whether a Zalamn 9700led would fit in. The 9700 has no problems handling a quad core @ 4ghz. But there is better ones out there (that are cheaper) but thats probaly more common then other ones i think. Depening on your mobo the heatsink clips could get in the way of the RAM, since i used both clip things one of them has about a few MM's of clearance. as well as a mm of clearnace between parts on the motherboard. i got a Asus P5Q SE/R.
  2. qft you wont get very far even if u did overclock on that mobo. a good mobo only costs around 160-170 lol.
  3. @Verran DDR2-667 weak? i managed to OC it 901mhz and pulled 8663mbps in sandra...no screenshot lol forogt to take one =[ and cant be .ed overclocking them again. @jgv155 ill get a screenie of the 4ghz which i got stable in the end @ 1.5v in BIOS which was the max...LOL i didnt get a screen of that since i was too lazy to however i did screen it with 4ghz up with Prime95 just starting up. ill post them tomorow. also i ran this chip with a 1.4v vtt and it didnt seem to harm it, also the vtt was paired with upto 1.49v for around 20 mins seemed ok =] im finished trying to get anything higher without better cooling its a no go that for sure. thanks dudes.
  4. i have got all the . stable as...all i needed was an extra 0.1v on Northbridge and 200ps skew on CPU. easy done for 3.6ghz i did the same for 3.9ghz and got that stable @ 1.44v it seems my chip is at its limits. thanks for helps
  5. My experience with a E7300 landed me @ 4ghz with around 1.47ish volts If you have stock cooling on that done go much past 3.2ghz otherwise it'll start to overheat. you should be able to go to about 3.8ghz if you have a good Heatsink. not the origanal Intel one.
  6. the lowest is 1:1 well on this mobo it is I think its my motherboard causing unstable gameplay etc. and my CPU toping out at around 4ghz. 3.6ghz isnt even stable in game no matter how much vcore is used to its northbridge i would think. any advice? the last things left is GTL reference voltage and Skew settings. havent messed around to much with them yet..since they dont help to much
  7. I got my 1000watt PSU back from RMA, but im starting to think its this motherboard. @ 3.6ghz if i stress the Northbridge by running GPU and CPU stress test it crashes after a few mins... btw dosent the Vtt (fsb termination) make it more stable? and i think this ram could cause crashes but i know it can take upto around 850mhz before any major unstability. @ Verran you could be right. edit: i got it stable enough on 3.9ghz @ 1.44volts to benchmark with 3dmark.
  8. No replys?? nice no one want to up there post count or you al on holiday? even if this was posted in the wrong section after 24 hours a mod should have moved it 23 hours ago
  9. my rig specs: Mobo: ASUS P5Q SE/R P45 chipset RAM: Transcend 2gb, 667mhz valueRAM at its best CPU: C2D E7300 2.66ghz gfx: GTX285 but using a 6600 with 400watt psu CPU cooling: Zalman 9700LED 400watt PSU will be getting back my 1000watt from RMA very good case ventilation no heat gatherings anywhere standard CPU voltage- 1.144v under load Well the problem is that i cant get 4ghz stable, plus i noticed that i am using a higher voltage then all the other dudes who have E7200-7300s to stabilize the same frequencys I read that someone had his E7200 stable @ 3.6ghz without bumping the voltage up and ive seen 4ghz pulled off with 1.37volts. i have to increase voltage to get 3.1ghz stable....... With my current overclock i get 3.6ghz stable with 1.336volts (1.35 in BIOS) and i cant get 4ghz stable at all but bumping the voltages did help i stoped at 1.44v (1.45 in BIOS) since i thought it was pointless to keep increasing voltages without properly considering it. i got 3.8ghz fairly stable with 1.4v in BIOS. But i think this CPU should have it in it to get 4ghz without those voltages The things that i looked into already: VDroop - i have allready taken care of this with load line calibration voltage increases under load Vtt (FSB termination voltage)- i tried 1.1 thru to 1.4, no luck there NB volts - tried 1.1 and 1.3 and 1.4 still no luck SB volt - increasing this just made it more unstable RAM- it is pretty likely my 667mhz ram is a hold back it runs @ 800mhz with 4ghz, i have ran it upto 889mhz stable enough to benchmark mb- maybe this mobo is to low to OC well heat- reaches 47 in Prime95 with 3.6ghz. NB and CPU skews- i messed around with this a little didnt really do anything degradation- i noticed that after going to 3.4ghz and ran intel burn test with a stock heatsink which was very damn stupid i noticed i had to bump voltages to maintain overclocks that i had already deemed stable. Also when i first got this thing i got to 3.4ghz with no voltage bumps and ran crysis and . fine. Maybe i left the TM function off and damaged my CPU? crappy chip- i heard that some people get chips that just wont overclock very far. =\ PSU- due to this PSU's age it may not be giving the best supply of power causing instabilities somewhere The things i have left it the RAM, PSU and Clock skews and the GTL Reference voltage which i did play with a little and it didn't really help me. All suggestions and help is very highly appreciated P.S i did use my mates Kingston 4gb 1066mhz in my PC once, i bloody forgot to try overclocking =[ edit: i probs should have posted this in the overclocking section...lol
  10. yeah i think i am being bottlenecked, espically when i checked with 3DMark i dont even get an extra full fps from overclocking the fastest stable clocks achieved so far in 3dmark was 760/1540/1400 (probaly not stable ingame) couldnt be botherd going any higher since theres no point without CPU @ 4ghz
  11. read tut, or just bump vcores fsbs and make sure ram stays normal and ull be fine lawl btw 667 ram can go to around 750mhz @ 1.9v with stock timings and be stable.
  12. the sunbeamtech core contact freezer is cheaper and pretty much better in every way, cheaper, lighter, cools about the same if not better. dont know if they fit GB mobos.
  13. folding? i dont think im folding, googled it something about how protein assemble themselves?
  14. out of all the replies this was the best lmao Once i get a new CPU cooler next week, ill run fps tests @ 1920x1080 with cpu @ stock 2.66 and at 3.66 to see whether its actually bottlenecking, i doubt it is. i know that the CPU bottlenecks it at stock 2.66, but after 3ghz at that resolution theres no fps increase, going 400mhz extra was like 20-30fps increase (only in max fps so it dosent really make much of a difference)
  15. LMAO i get your drift, and btw my CPU isnt bottle necking it checked no difference between 3 and 3.4ghz so thats kinda suss and thanks for your reply about the fact its designed to run at a certain res, never would have guessed ^^ yeah but personally i think the GTX285 isnt that powerful. maybe something that sits 75fps flat in any game i would label powerful. but thats just me. the GTX3** series will be powerful hopefully. thanks once again edit: this cpu was bottle-necking like a . until i OCed, max fps was 50 something after OC it was 80 something.
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