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  1. Yep, I have the "Norton problem" too, but didn't know that thats what the problem was until reading this post... thanks asus. I guess it thinks the pics are ads, or referrals as d3bruts1d mentioned. Does anyone know how to configure the ad blocker filter to allow http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/ only?
  2. Yep, hehe... kinda old school. What is that, AMD's product line about two or three years ago?
  3. What is that reading... the undervolt line? I don't really understand electronics too well. Could this be caused by having too many lights/fans going? It's a 400W PowMax PSU. I have 2 HDD, 1 CDRW, Volcano11, 6 fans, 1CC light (<<was off at reading) hooked up to it. Or is it due to some other factor??
  4. Well, I'm guessing its setup correctly, according to my BIOS. My question: is System temp(<<what its called in BIOS) the NB set, or the temp of the inside case area? And, who knows how to read the voltages? I need to know what its reading, and if I'm ok with these readings.
  5. Tin snips work great for converting your 80mm to 120mm. Draw the hole onto the case (and the screw holes) over the existing hole... snip snip, drill drill, presto. **BTW, dont forget some kind of fan grill.
  6. Thanks for the comments... I'm not sure how xpcgear is selling that cooler without using Iceberg or Ahanix's name... and it costs $10 more, wierd. So, myself being super noob to the WC world, anyone care to share how to build a DIY $120 - $150 good WC system? Exeter? Wanksta? anyone? I suppose Items I would need would be: CPU water block 150-300gpm? pump (submersable or non) res (optional) rad/fan(s) bleed/fill kit tubing fittings 3/8-1/2
  7. Well, after a little web-searching, I found two midrange WC systems for under $100... First, the Ahanix IceBergII Water Cooler Kit here and here. Versus the GlobalWin Silent stream water cooler here. Do you suppose the Iceberg's pump is upgradable... say to 300gpm? My volcano11 has a barely tolerable noise level as it is, and I am seriously considering switching to water for noise and heat issues. What do you guys think of these systems?
  8. I have a home made 2" ABS 90deg elbow for the duct... I have a standard 80mm filtered fan at the rear intake to the V11 (no grill) fan. I like the idea of a Tornado in place of the 80mm intake, it would probably yield a degree or two??, But the already noisy system would be even louder... hmm
  9. Wow, That thing is HUGE! Thanks for the pic, I don't think I'll have enough room on my board. Must be pretty heavy too. Maybe the 101 would fit though, but I'm concerned that it wouldn't do any better than the V11... a little quieter perhaps. My system is currently 41 idle, and 43, 44 when folding for hours. I'm using AS Arctic Alumina - about 2 months since application. Air is ducted from rear into V11 fan, and there is one fan in from side, and one out top. I just want to get temps down to 35-37. I'd love a 10 deg drop, but who wouldn't! Is there an inexpensive, effective WC system out there?
  10. I am currently using a Volcano11+ Xaser, and was wondering if Aero Cool's DP 101, 102 copper rod core was a better setup... here and here Has anyone used these? I cant seem to find out how effective they are. The DP101 was$40 and 102 was $50 at Fry's last week, and I want to get one before they run out. **edit... Or, how about the Global Win SilentStream water cooler and the Thermtake Aquarius III external water cooler ?
  11. Woohoo, thanks Dig!! That'll help with those double speeds from kobalt. And another special thank you to the mods and OCC admin staff for making this place what it is... ty ty... and happy holidays to all.
  12. I want to take a moment to thank everyone at OCC for the friendly advice freely given, and for helping me to make my system something to be proud of. I am truly thankful that I have found a Forum/Club where it isnt a daily flame-war, or fan-boys VS trolls, etc... thanks for (mostly) playing nice and helping each other out. This is indeed one of the best forums out there, you all rock. I wish you all the best this holiday season. - photoguy steps down off of his mushy soap box. Hey, how come nobody sent me that water cooling system I asked for?!
  13. photoguy

    Very Wierd!

    Graphic stand alone, not screensaver... in windowed mode. If I drag accross in like 10 circles, I see maybe 150 renders flash by. I'm wondering if this speeds up anything. I have to finish some Christmas shopping, and go to work, will test theory later.
  14. photoguy

    Very Wierd!

    Having [email protected] and MBM open, try dragging MBM (dashboard) accross the [email protected] display. In one drag accross, I must have seen 20 frames render on [email protected] WTH is that all about?
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