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  1. ^^ The Beguiled. And, I love Clint but, that scene is messed up!
  2. Adult theater pervert... reformed crackhead... whatever. Pee-Wee still rules!!
  3. D'Oh! Link fixed... My apologies!
  4. Was anybody else here ever convinced at one time that hoverboard technology was right around the corner? I know I was, and it's nice to see that I wasn't alone. I've talked to a few people about this over the last couple days, and I've gotten the same response in each case; "Hey, remember the Hoverboard from Back to the Future II?" "Yeah! Y'know, at one time, I thought the hoverboard was real." "Yeah! Me too!" And I wasn't some silly kid in grammer school when that movie came out... I was a second year engineering student. Even within the halls of higher learning, I met a lot of people who thought the idea was at least feasable. I remember talking about the hoverboard with some other tech nerds in class, and we were trying to figure out how they worked. Obviously, there had been no recent advancements in anti-grav' technology so, we all assumed it must somehow work with magnetism. I can still remember some of the debates. "It can't be magnetic. There's nothing on the ground for it to repel against." "Well maybe they're not showing us everything. Maybe there's a metal strip under the ground that we can't see." "I don't buy it. Those metal discs can't be electromagnets. There's no place to put a power source big enough to run 'em. It would need a lot more power when you step on it to support your weight." "And if that's the case, why doesn't it rise up significantly higher off the ground when you step off of it?" "I dunno. Maybe it's sophisticated enough to have a sensor that..." ... on, and on it raged. It was a couple of months or so after that when it finally began to dawn on me that maybe it was all a bunch of hooey. So why was the myth so popular? Who perpetuated this vile canard? Here is the answer.
  5. Probably not enirely true but, it should be!
  6. I chose "have a job in IT" although... that's not really true, it was just the only option that fit. I work for a company that manufactures high-end scientific data recorders. We're really small (about 11 people) and we don't have an IT dept. But, I'm the engineering tech there so everybody comes to me for IT type stuff. I now know more about networks than I ever really wanted to, haha.
  7. It looks like the biggest I have is a heavily modded Oblivion install... a little over 22GB's. The next biggest would be Empire: Total War at about 16GB's. Additionally, I just noticed that my program files folder on D: (games are the only applications I have installed on that volume) is almost 260GB's!! I have a lot of games! haha
  8. My machine is over 5 years old now so, I'd say a '72 Camaro with a big-block Chevy in it.... Was hella fast in its day but, now it's in the middle of the pack. It can still compete with some of the newer machines without totally embarrassing itself but, is inefficient, and kinda clunky by today's standards.
  9. ^^ This. I voted "XP is fine for me". I don't see enough advantages to Windows 7 over XP to go through the hassle/expense of changing OS's on three systems. Definitely a 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' thing with me. However, all systems I set up going forward will run Windows 7.
  10. My personal opinion is that you need at least three drives to make a RAID0 worthwhile. With two drives, I'd go with a RAID1.
  11. Dude, wow. I'm really glad you're expected to recover... be more careful, man!
  12. Definitely a missing component. If it does indeed work, it may be interesting to see how long/how well it works with an R-pak missing. I have a MB that I accidentally ripped about 8 components off of with a screwdriver, and I'm still using it! As far as I can tell, it had no impact on operation or performance.
  13. My own take is that the Nobel Peace prize has been a joke ever since they gave it to Yassar Arafat, a known terrorist that advocated the cold-blooded murder of civilians by his continuous support of suicidal murder bombs. It's now just a popularity contest. There were more qualified candidates, IMO: Chinese Human Rights Activist Hu Jia - imprisoned for fighting for human rights in China. Wei Jingsheng, spent almost two decades in prison for pushing for reforms of China's brutal communist system. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, a leader in the effort to promote dialog between Muslims and Jews. Greg Mortenson, founder of the Central Asia Institute has dedicated the better part of the last two decades to building over 70 schools, especially schools for girls, in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Sima Samar, Afghan human rights activist, U.N. special envoy to Darfur, and head of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
  14. Thanks guys! I downloaded HD Tach... the test is working OK but, when I try to read the log file that gets saved in the HD Tach directory, it keeps trying to open with Wordpad, and most of the info is gibberish. is HD Tach supposed to install some kind of reader? BTW, I am on XP pro.
  15. You'll need to short the power enable line on your ATX connector. It's almost aways a green wire (sometimes not), it should be the only green wire on your connector. Here is an ATX pinout... The wire you're looking for is marked "PS_ON#" Just short that line to any ground (black) wire on the ATX connector, and your PS will turn on. A paper clip usually works well for this. Remember not to hot-plug your drives if you are using the 4-pin legacy molex connectors.
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