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  1. I'm pretty sure the core contacts fan is 20dB's on low fan speed and around 50 on high.
  2. Geez I wouldn't be going up to 1.5v but I guess thats me.
  3. Have you reseated the HS with new TIM?
  4. I installed a new CPU a while ago and the temps just stay at 43 on every program (core temp, real temp, HW monitor, speedfan). This didn't bother me to much because I wasn't able to OC but now I have my new motherboard I can. Just thinking now I'm pretty sure this might have happened a bit after I put in the new CPU. The BIOS reads the temperature. On HW Monitor the temperatures under ITE IT87 TMPIN0 min 26 max 52 (52 at 100% load) Under ACPI THRM min 27 max 51 Under Core 2 Duo E7400 core0 min 43 max 43 core1 min 43 max 43 So is there anyway this can be fixed? And those ACPI and ITEIT87 seem like right temps for a CPU could they be? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info, I will definetly be getting it soon and yeah $30 just for better cooling seems like a rip off not like I will need it anyway. Thanks mate.
  6. Since my current motherboard is playing up I am preparing to buy another one. I think the DFI X-48 boards seem pretty good and very cheep. If I do get it I think I will go for the LT since its $30 cheeper then the UT. Please note I am in Australia so prices are different, the DFI LanParty-LT X48-T2R costs $195 so it is cheap. I have read that they are moderate X-48 overclockers and that is all I need. Reviews seem to rate this board pretty good so it's looking pretty good. So I was just wondering what people thought about the DFI board.
  7. The leds on the fans are to bright for when I'm watching movies/games so I hooked up a switch for the LEDs on the 230mm to the 3.5" bay cover on the front. It looks and works great and I bought a switch that can switch off 4 things whatever there called. But I don't know how to remove the front fan to modify it. The manual dosent say anything about it and when you remove the HDD cage you can see the screws holding it but they are back to front so I can see the thread. So anyone know how your supposed to get this fan out? EDIT** Nevermind I figured it out.
  8. I can no longer change the FSB:DRAM ratio if I do it wont even boot and I have to reset the CMOS. This is not good it means I can't even overclock past something like 3.0GHz Before thinking about a new motherboard should I flash the BIOS? As a last resort. Does this have any chance of fixing it?
  9. Yes I know I wouldn't listen to his advice. I was trying to point out how stupid it was apparently it didn't come across that was, don't worry I will try harder to make it clear next time.
  10. Is that really good advice? I have an E2220 which is basicaly the same chip and I had to up vcore to 1.5v to get 3.5GHz with Max load at 70 C let alone 3.7GHz. So when your going to 3.7GHz you don't even have to worry about temperatures?
  11. Read tutorials and don't start threads like this if you havent tried to OC to 3.7GHz.
  12. Thanks for the help. I just got my E7400 but I can't stick it in until I get my IC diamond, I won't be very happy having to OC it with stupid Easy Tune. I'll probably swap the old RAM in and OC then put the dominators in and just tweak it. I will make sure its the RAM but anyway it shouldn't be to bad. I will cry alot though =[. Thanks. *EDIT* It isn't the RAM. This really seems like a bad thing. What possibilities does this leave me with? It worked right before the new RAM went then five minutes later I had the RAM in and it didn't work. I don't think its possible that I'm OCing wrong because I've tired all defualt settings with 201 FSB and it dosen't work.
  13. The case is not to great but the rest is pretty good IMO. I would go for a thermaltake or antec case. Thermalright ultra 120 is always a good cooler.
  14. No different =[. Also tested each RAM stick and the same =[. I think I'm going to cry. *EDIT* Sleep time. Be back in like 6 hours
  15. Ok Figured that overvoltage thing out before but it still didn't boot at the 2.1v the RAM is rated at. Looks like its time to start again and see if I can get any OC. Thanks. *EDIT* Ok now somethings not right. I can't even get a 201 FSB. This is on totally normal and changed settings. Any ideas how this could happen?
  16. Err...About that? I don't think I'm to guilty since I didn't ask for specific values of ram timings and co...Its not like I said what do I set the Vcore, FSB and multiplier to maky 4.4GHz? Anyway the dominators timings were actually faster then the original RAM even though they are 1066 but whatever. Could still not get it to boot with the OC. But with the voltage the only thing was "DDR2 Over Voltage Control" (Which isn't it right?) but that didn't have a set number it only had the option to raise the voltage not to set one like Vcore. Anyway I upped the voltage on that but it still didn't work. I also tried lower CPU clocks but nope. So is that DDR2 Over Voltage Control the one I should be changing and just keep raiseing it until it boots?
  17. Ok Thanks I just figured since they worked without the overclock....Anyway I'll do that now. THanks for fast reply. =]
  18. I replaced my 1GB of generic DDR2 800MHz with 2 * 2GB Corsair Dominators into my GA-EP35-DS4. The CPU (E2220) was OCed with a 250 FSB * 12 @ 3.0GHz. Which was stable for atleast 9 hours but when I booted with the dominators it got to the options screen (BIOS, post...) then shut off and restarted (normal for bad OCs). I then went into BIOS and found that the CPU settings had been reset as it does when it cannot boot an OC. Since the RAM was only at 800MHz I changed the FSB to 266 and the multiplier to 9 to get 2.93GHz. So now the RAM was running at 1066 and I saved and exited. Then it booted fine or so I thought. When windows loaded I checked CPU-Z and it had changed the clock back to the stock 2.4GHz. I am quite puzzled why the RAM would affect it. I haven't tried any different settings yet just hoping someone can tell me why this is happening. Thanks.
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