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    Case: Cooler Master CM690
    Motherboard: DFI LanParty DK P45 T2RS Plus
    CPU: Intel E8500 (Stock Speed)
    RAM: 4GB Crucial DDR2 @ 800MHz (Stock Speed)
    GFX: (2x) Sapphire HD4830 (Stock Speeds)
    PSU: OCZ 600W SteathXtreme
    HDD: Western Digital 250GB Caviar SE (+External 160GB)
    Sound Card: Creative Audigy SE
  1. Thanks Crazy Nate for that info (and peace of mind) Since I'm buying it today, I'll probably go with the Acer since they have it in a store nearby for the same price as newegg. Consider this problem solved ^_^
  2. I would wait, but since my monitor is having issues at the moment, I can only look at monitors that are on sale right now
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here ^_^ I need some help on deciding on a new monitor, but first, question number one: When you connect a graphics card to your monitor with an HDMI cable (no converters) instead of a DVI cable, will it make my graphics cards run hotter (Computer specs in profile), or no change at all, and is the quality when comparing HDMI to DVI noticeable? Question two: Which is the better buy? (Please give a reason, and do not go simply by price ) Acer X233Hbid ASUS VW224U (will NOT be using built in speakers) If you have a better suggestion for a monitor (in a similar price range), go right ahead and tell me ^_^ Thanks in advance, ExTribble
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