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  1. Correct if you are not overclocking or don't want a monster OC. But, if a person is looking for some OCing headroom, and really wants to push their chips, then WCing provides that possibility! We are on OCC, so you can figure that a few of us on here will want to do that :evilgrin: Most people who want to really push their systems, and are considering WCing, understand the cost is going to be higher. I know when I built my loop, performance was more important than the cost, even though I got great deals on everything ;) But, man under $130 for that XSPC kit with a 240mm rad ( I got over 4.3GHz on my 240mm BIX ) is just slightly more costly than what the OP in considering, as well as some high-end air coolers out there!


    No need for the glass half full of water attitude, when you can have a loop all the way full of water :cheers:

    Wait..130 for that kit? dude thats a pretty killer price, I mean dont get me wrong back then around that price I bought the thermaltake kit..thing blew on me in a week and leaked all over my card and never done a kit ever since ( 2007) but that of course..it was a cheap end kit by thermaltake but for that price for the XSPC and as you say its that good? Ill probably have too look up on that! Thanks.

  2. Im hoping you've looked into a push/pull config (with the delta being the additional pull fan, im thinking thats what your referencing "push in/pull setup).

    If not, a change in fans or the addition of a second fan to the rad setup would be more rewarding in price/performance considerations.

    So far the set up on my fans is the 3 230mm fans the case came with, front pull side pull and top exhaust, and my added fans the delta on the radiator as the exhaust and one more fan on the bottom as a exhaust, would that set up be sufficient ?

  3. Nothing was really wrong with the temps I was just hoping from something a little cooler other then going all out with a whole water cooling setup. I was basically at little disappointed on the H50 because my Zalman did then same temps. Its alot more quieter then the Heatsink by far. Thanks for the input everyone I appreciate then help.

  4. Hey guys, I currently have a H50 with a delta 120mm fan on it running at 35-4200rpm..and was wondering, is it worth the upgrade to get a H70?..my temps are currently 28cidle and 37 max load..I had the same temps with my zalman and I know its not my airflow since Im using a full tower and its pretty much empty..push in pull set up.

  5. It is very hot..>.<...I have observing for quite some time now, everytime the sounds noised, the fan is suddenly slowing down although I have put the fan to 100% speed with riva tuner. However, the events were just around minutes then it dissapear, the fan works fine again..I thought maybe the heatsink was not properly installed, but I don't know how to remove it and put it back again..any guide on this one guys??and how come fan can slowing down on its own lol... thanks



    If its the heatsink with the Plastic casing your gonna have to start by that then maybe there should be 4 nuts holding it down

    other then that, thats the only way you could take it off, thats how it was for my 3870 but idk how it is on your 48 =/ hope that helped G.L

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