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    I have a strong interest in computer and building them, I game quite often and during my spare time I auto cross my M3 2003.


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  1. You should think of changing out your keyboard if you like nice feedback from your keys http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823162014 I had a model m before if finally burned out on me and then got a g15..it was nice but I hatted it the feel to it so I got the TT mech one :3
  2. Wait..130 for that kit? dude thats a pretty killer price, I mean dont get me wrong back then around that price I bought the thermaltake kit..thing blew on me in a week and leaked all over my card and never done a kit ever since ( 2007) but that of course..it was a cheap end kit by thermaltake but for that price for the XSPC and as you say its that good? Ill probably have too look up on that! Thanks.
  3. soo..I should just stick to my 560 o.O
  4. hien artisan mousepads, Ive used steelseries razer and other gaming mouse pads and the Hien mouse pad beats them all, I was at a quakecon meet when I found this out. plus its alot cheaper.
  5. So far the set up on my fans is the 3 230mm fans the case came with, front pull side pull and top exhaust, and my added fans the delta on the radiator as the exhaust and one more fan on the bottom as a exhaust, would that set up be sufficient ?
  6. Nothing was really wrong with the temps I was just hoping from something a little cooler other then going all out with a whole water cooling setup. I was basically at little disappointed on the H50 because my Zalman did then same temps. Its alot more quieter then the Heatsink by far. Thanks for the input everyone I appreciate then help.
  7. Hey guys, I currently have a H50 with a delta 120mm fan on it running at 35-4200rpm..and was wondering, is it worth the upgrade to get a H70?..my temps are currently 28cidle and 37 max load..I had the same temps with my zalman and I know its not my airflow since Im using a full tower and its pretty much empty..push in pull set up.
  8. fate2189

    Current rig

    AMD Phenom(tm)II X4 945 Processor 3.2 (oc) Bcrucial ballistix ddr2 1066 8gb (4X2) msi twin frozr 560 ti MSI 790XT-G45 AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard SILVERSTONE OP800 800W ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS12V 4XWD Black wd black caviar 2XCorsair Nova SSD (Raid 0) Windows 7 Professional SP1 X64 Gkillz ram fans Corsair H50 3XDelta 120mm Fans @ 5000rpms max Sythe Kaze mazter fan controller
  9. nvm sorry i wasnt paying attention what you posted lol
  10. What size fans are you offering ? im looking for 2 120's if you have ne with led's
  11. \\\ ahh ok well thank you, but what would you recommend for air cooling?
  12. I was wondering if the stock heat sink for my phemon 9600 was any good, it does have a copper base and a couple copper pipings but i wanted to get someone say on if i should stick to it or get a better on.
  13. fate2189

    old server

    Amd Phenim 9600 @2.6ghz 8gb Gskullz oc @ 1066 550 Raidmax PS Ati 3870x2
  14. fate2189

    Xfire FPS counter

    Agreed use fraps, batman ftw =D
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