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  1. yeah i just didnt apply the thermalpaste right. my lowest core was 68
  2. thats probably partly true but i found out it was a stupid driver problem
  3. ok so i reinstalled the drivers and it worked. but when i ran vantage witht he card overclocked it was fine until at one part, it said display driver has failed and then recovered. What does this mean? does it change a setting? for now i will just reinstall drivers again and keep it stock until further notice
  4. ok i'll try the driver thing, and i was running it on extreme
  5. hi everybody i have have been getting some strange feedback from my oC'ed gtx 285. i have it all stable as far as i know so my problem is.. i've been running allot of 3dmarkvantage and its really weird because most of the time in a certain place i get say 7fps, but the temps are only like 50c when they should be 65-70. And every so often when i run the program again, in the palce i would get 7fps i now get 14fps and the temps go up to what they should be. So is something limiting my card sometimes?
  6. yeah managed to get clocks much higher
  7. ok so i just did like an hour of intelburntest and prime 95 at the same time and it was perfectly stable, maybe the problem lies with my graphics card
  8. so even if i keep my temps good isnt there a point when i cant keep OC'ing the card? or do i just do it until i like my temps/noise
  9. my temps arnt bad, my peak laod temps are 75c. I'm getting some more thermal paste next week cause some cores are 5-7c difference and i need to reapply, and then i will tweak my overclock some more. btw sorry for being a noob but whats thermal throttling?
  10. cool thanks for the input, shifting the topic a little, do you think i could overclock higher seeing as my temps are so low or is there a point where cards just hit the wall
  11. ootan

    District 9

    yeah i saw this movie premier night and it was very very good. (lots of great epic moments)
  12. hi everybody i recently OC'ed my evga gtx 285 to : core: 695 shader: 1580 memory : 1300 mhz (came with backplate even though its the standard edition) i did this all with evga precision. at about 60% fan speed i did some 3d mark vantage on extreme 1920x1200 and my temps were incredibly low like low 60's, even when at only 20% slower i hit 85c. i comfirmed this by monitoring with everest, precision, and gpuz bottom line is________are these temps possible or is the software reading wrong
  13. hi everybody i recently built my i7 rig with windows 7 rc 64bit and i dont feel that im getting the performance i should out of it. when i play mass effect i should completely dominate it but only stay around 30+ fps most of the time. my specs: i7 920 oCed 3.5ghz gtx 285 oced 6gig corsair dominator @ 1400mhz
  14. yeah it was this : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130480
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