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  1. Fantastic cheers for your feedback, I shall order one tomorrow and hopefully the misses won't look at my credit card statement
  2. The plot thickens I managed to get it installed with 1 gpu disconnected it was a little unstable once up but better. I then tested the other gpu with same set of power cables same result a little unstable but better than before. I followed by using the other set of vga power cables from my psu and locked up on boot for both cards. So I'm thinking my psu is dead? Odd that Windows 7 seemed fine
  3. So another round of install attempts I've tried clean install several times and it randomly freezes on install same as upgrade attempts. I managed to make a full install once but Windows 10 just kept locking up after seconds. I thought maybe the ssd was crapping out but tested in another system which installed and ran Windows 10 fine. I rechecked all my ram all fine. I installed Windows 10 on my drive from another system then put it back in mine boots and random lock ups the same as above. I'm completely stumped I can't grasp the problem
  4. So im finaly sick of my HTPC stock cooler its the only thing in the case that makes noise and it makes far to much im looking at a Scythe Shuriken as i only have about 10cm clearance anyone had any experience with these or has any better ideas the quieter the better? im running a phenom II 965 at stock on an old asus M3N72-D with 8gb of ddr2 ram over 4 sticks and passivly cooled geforce gt 630.
  5. Thats great cheers for that i had know idea as far as i was aware you had to upgrade to get your key i guess reading older forum posts doesnt always pay off i will give that a bash tomorrow and i will let you know the results
  6. Hi guys, So i decided to finaly bite the bullet and upgrade my Windows 7 home 64bit mainly because its not going to be offered for free come this July and i thought it would be relativly painless...... 1st attempt- Just upgrade my system it downloaded all fine ran through some bits and bobs then rebooted and locked up at 2% total copying files. 2nd attempt- Unplugged my 2nd hard drive and optical drive as this was suggested by somone and through again same result. 3rd attempt- downloaded windows 10 not from a main installed and bunged on a memory stick and tried to upgrade this way i got to 9% total still copying files then hung. 4th attempt- clean install of windows 7 on a blank drive tried both usb an re downloading through the 10 upgrade software same result. 5th attempt- took everything i didnt need out of my system so i was left with 1 stick of ram, 1 gpu, and a wired connection to router, same result there where three or four other attempts all failed #at copying files one of them crapped my windows 7 install up so i had to do another fresh install of that so im back on windows 7 ive checked about and all my parts seem compatible with windows 10 ive been through every google search i can imagine for fixes. So im kind of thinking m stuck with windows 7 i dont think ive ever had this much of a problem installing an os the funny thing is it went on the misses old crappy net book fine 1st try so im pretty stumped guys and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I dont mind buying the 970 and chucking a small amount of cash on 9590 if its worth it but if i go for a complete new I5 or maybe I7 build thats probably me going to be done for several years as far as serious money spent.
  8. Hiya guys, Long time no post more like several years realy, works been kicking my ass so my gaming and computer habits kind of took a back seat however ive now got more time and am jumping back on the horse and its feeling pretty damn good. As you can see my rig is getting pretty long in the tooth so i think im due an upgrade so im interested in your views of where to go with my cpu/ gpu. so cpu wise i was thinking either pickup a 2nd hand fx 9590(not great i know but its somthing to play with) for about
  9. aslong as its uk based i dont realy mind where it comes from.
  10. Hey guys im after a ssd about 120gb (the more the better) as im finaly getting rid of xp and getting 7 so figured it was a good time to upgrade my hd as for budget around £170.
  11. Is a random old guy in a string vest sitting on your bed required for this fix or is that just optional? (4 mins14 secs)
  12. my board doesnt support crossfire only sli so want to stick with nvidia for sli in a couple of months. Think im going to go for the gtx 560 ti unless i can find the 470 for significantly cheaper ive ruled the other cards out.
  13. So one of my 8800gt's went pop and one just isnt cutting it so im guessing its time for an upgrade i want a nvidia card as i have a nvidia board and i may sli again in future i was looking at either gtx 460 1gb for £130 gtx 470 1.2gb £150 gtx 550 ti 1gb for £120 or gtx 560 1gb for £180 im lookin for bang for buck here and something thats going to outperform the 2 8800gt's i had, all advice is welcome.
  14. I’ve noticed a lot of people in various download sites moaning about not being able to stream mp4's this moaning bothers me massively so thought id post my solution on my fav forum to all you guys who might be interested. All you have to do is rename the file from .mp4 to .avi tada works a treat how simple life can be if your not a numpty. (cheers for listening to my rant)
  15. ah i c ive never used it so not use to seeing low clocks
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