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  1. I was going to search google images for a picture of a swear word, but once I turned off safe search it didnt seem like such a good plan anymore....
  2. I am interested in the Argosy PCMCIA serial card. My new laptop doesn't have a serial port. What kind of condition is it in and how old is it? Olmos Software LLŠ” 2817248673 www.olmossoft.com
  3. Glad I found this message. Great initiative, Tmod, thanks! Avast Antivirus doesn't like the file, something about a trojan... Will try it out tomorrow, need to catch some zzz's now.
  4. Nice list. But isn't it better to RMA a proccessor or motherboard back to were you bought it from if you went and overclocked it to much and wreaked it?
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