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  1. ivangela

    Network File Sharing Difficulty

    Thanks y'all! I finally got it sorted. There were settings in services.msc I needed to change and then I could see the computers. Only then was I able to share them. What a PIA
  2. Once upon a time there was this thing called the Homegroup and my 3 PCs could all talk to each other and share files. Now the Homegroup is gone and I can't share a darn thing. I've looked for help on MS site bu the things they recommend haven't helped. Anyone have words of wisdom they can share? The goal is for me to be able to access files on any of the computers from and of the computers. Sharing whole drives would be best. TIA
  3. ivangela

    Choose between 2 SATA SSDs please

    thanks y'all
  4. Hi all, It's been years since posting, as i have been busy (back in school) and not building anything but a small upgrade is needed and looking for some advice: Looking at two 500GB SATA SSDs. I have no particular preference for either of these and if you feel strongly about a different one that you would recommend, I'm all ears. Reliability and price are of course a concern. The Crucial boasts 1.8 million hours MTBF vs the Samsung 1.5, so not too much difference, with the Crucial $65 vs Samsung $78m so I lean towards the Crucial It's going into an older build whose 128GB SSD is just not enough and I'm upgrading OS to 10. This Samsung 860 EVO or this Crucial MX500 ? TIA
  5. ivangela

    Bosco Needs Your Help

    What size is his daughter? I have 3 girls and TONS of clothes that we usually just donate to salvation army. Of course, only stuff in great shape. I'm a Katrina survivor and was greatly helped by clothing donations, some of which i still wear, lol, and some of which came from Canada!! Roots brand?! Anyway, I'm willing to help!
  6. ivangela

    Blu Ray movies

    +1 This is how I watch blu rays. VLC will play .mkv files as will Pots player and most freeware.
  7. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    1440 would not typically look good on a 4k TV if using it as a computer monitor. That's your answer for your current setup - Stick with 1080 until you get a new card. Thanks anyway folks.
  8. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    While you two hashing out this puzzle is intellectually stimulating and actually teaching me something, it's kind of irrelevant as I don't want to decrease my res to 720 but was maybe hoping to increase it. So 1440 would be ill advised? Again, doesn't really matter as I don't have that option via HDMI for some reason but was curious.
  9. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    1080p60 for sure. Frame Sequential Format not sure.
  10. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    Why am I not getting the option in AMD Vision to increase what they call the "Desktop Area" to a resolution above 1920x1080, nor if I right click_screen resolution, the slider maxes out at 1080p. I dont have the option of increasing it. You're saying I should get 1660.
  11. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    Thanks all. I'll have to see what I can do. The HTPC case is too small for even the 7770 I have. I'll look around to see what is out there. What's the minimum I need for 4K, in terms of card newness? Would the 7770 even be capable? Thanks again.
  12. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    Sorry, the specs in my sig are out of date. Not that the current card is better, but it's a HD 5450. In the past I've just wanted something to play blurays and such. Now with the new TV I wanted to up the resolution. You think it is the culprit? Regardless of the card's connectivity, the TV only has HDMI and USB, so Display-port is irrelevant isn't it?
  13. ivangela

    Max resolution of 4k tv via HDMI

    Does that then mean that if i don't have the option to increase the resolution that my video card is the culprit? I read that cnet article and I have brand new High speed HDMI cables form amazon, the ones referred to in the article, but I don't have an option to increase the resolution of the output from the video card. It is an old card but I don't know if that's the reason. I'm not gaming on it, just trying to up the screen resolution.
  14. So if I have a 4K tv as a display for my PC, the max resolution would be 1080p because of the HDMI connection, right?
  15. ivangela

    How about that top 20

    I got a 980ti laying there I took out to put the 1070s in thats going to get cranked up when it gets colder... I had them over on my team but figure I may as well get my spot back since hyper and bishop passed me awhile back... Sad thing is it uses as much power as two 1070s by itself I know this might be dumb, but how do you measure the actual draw for a single piece of hardware like that 980ti for example. Is there a piece of hardware you can hook up to measure the watts or is it software (is that a reliable realtime measure). You know, something like a Kill-A-Watt or something similar to see what the card draws.