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  1. Ferretbomb

    TOP 20!!

    Woo! Just started folding again after a couple unforseen weeks off and am in the top 20 Just thought I'd share
  2. If you send it my way I'll be glad to take a closer look :thumbs-up: Nice work though, will have to clean mine up a bit
  3. Woo! Got a 3.20GHz P4 folding
  4. Your user name can be anything but has to be original unless you want to give points to someone else The team number is 12772 And I don't think there's a need for a passkey, it just stops other people from using your name, but if someone wants to give me points they're more than welcome :thumbs-up: Hope that helps
  5. Got a new GTX285 but as exams are over I'm gaming a lot more Will be moving back home soon and am gona build a folding rig for my 2 9600gts. Will also have my 285 folding more if I can find a job.
  6. Ferretbomb

    dual 4870

    I don't think that's too hot, my 9600gts run at around 75C and i read somewhere that was ok. Are the graphics setting the same? No idea why that could be if they are though sorry mate.
  7. Ferretbomb

    dual 4870

    Make sure you remember to set the machine IDs different, I lost a lot of points cause of that
  8. Cheers for the input guys, decided to go for the 285 and then get another one later on. Should be here tomorrow but don't finish exams till day after, will be tough to revise Cheers again
  9. I can only afford to get one right now, if I went for 2 (or the 295) I'd have to stay with my 1680X1050 screen which would probably be a bit overkill The ASUS 285 is
  10. Cheers for replying :thumbs-up: Well my current screen is 1680x1050 but I'll be upgrading to a 1920x1200 or 1080 in a few weeks. The only higher resolution I've seen is 2560x1600 and they're all way out of my price range. I'll be playing Crysis, Flight Simulator X, Demigod, Supreme Commander, maybe Far Cry 2. And obviously all my oldies I'd like to play high graphics as I can really. My specs are Q9300 (Stock now, overclocked soon) Asus P5N-D 4Gb ram 2x 9600gt As I have the sli option I'm thinking of adding a second card further down the line. I think 650W should handle both? Iv'e heard good things about XFX but am not sure about ASUS gpus.
  11. I'm in the process of upgrading my GPU and decided on a GTX 275. I placed an order for an XFX GTX275 from scan.co.uk but they had none in stock so i decided to buy it from Overclockers UK and saw an Asus GTX285 for
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