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    Mobo: Asus P5KR | Processor: E8400 E0 @ 3.8ghz | Cpu Cooler: ZeroTherm Nirvana
    Ram: 2x1GB DDR2-800 OCZ-Platinum @ 960 5-5-5-12 | Graphics: XFX 9800GT
    HDD: Samsung 160GB 7200rpm SATA | PSU: ThermalTake ToughPower 750watts | Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 931BW 19"
    Mouse: Razer Copperhead
  1. ^ that is clearly impossible in my opinion.. Besides there will always be a need for desktops be it for games or for work.. There's no way a laptop fully replace a desktop..
  2. Not just people who are designing or rendering.. How about the people who are folding 24/7 i doubt a laptop could survive 24/7 folding like any good custom build desktop can.. Besides in the future gaming in HD would be the norm and we need desktops for that.. A laptop running the latest game at hd resolutions without lagging? I would like to see that happen..
  3. Most of the time will use it if i'm using a laptop.. Other then that.. On my desktop i rather click the "X"..
  4. If it was me I would consider getting Q9550.. Just a question why change you current e8400 for the quad..?
  5. Their cards are based on creative X-FI technology.. So I'm not sure if people would be confident about their drivers since alot of people did have issues with creative's drivers..
  6. Hahax.. I suppose I would have to settle with the STX for now if I intend to get better headphones.. Due to lack of $$$ hope I could buy a headphone amp for my desktop.. Thanks hardnrg..
  7. Awesome review there btw.. :thumbs-up: Btw hardnrg i was wondering.. You said that the STX has an onboard amp.. Will it be able to drive those low impedence headphones..? Wondering if they are capable of driving the AKG701s, Grados RS1 and the Senn HD 600..?
  8. Glad to hear that.. Driver problems always seem to affect people's decision in buying hardware.. Atleast that's what i think.. I'm considering getting the Asus Essence STX or Xonar D2 for my next soundcard.. Anyone has any experience with the STX..?
  9. Agree with Compxpert.. Creative driver support is horrible for 64-bit.. I was lucky enough to get 64-bit drivers that are actually working and do not crash..
  10. I totally agree with tjmagneto.. Even if it was meant as a joke.. There's a limit to stupidity though.. P4 @ 10ghz.. That will so burn his house down..
  11. Hhax.. I also thought that you were being serious that IE could be better then firefox.. Had a good laugh..!
  12. Currently using X-FI Xtreme Gamers card.. Although it may not be the same as the titanium.. Other then the improved outputs i think it has roughly the same specs as the xtreme gamer.. I've been reading good reviews about the Asus Xonar D2.. Given a choice i would go with the Xonar D2.. That's just my opinion.. Have you considered geting the Asus Essence STX..? I've read that it sounds better then Auzen prelude and the creative x-fi elite..
  13. I'm don't know about AMD boards.. But what I do know if a board has native support for ddr2-1066 it should be able to run ddr2-667 and ddr2-800 but you probably would have to tweak the memory divider settings in bios..
  14. Hahax.. It's quite possible if you live in a hot and humid country like mine and run the DRAM @ 2.3v
  15. I would go with OCZ based on price and I never had problems with OCZ sticks..
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