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    Intel 45nm PDC E5200 3.5Ghz, Gigabyte G31M-S2C, Powercolor 4650 1GB, Kingston 2x2GB DDR2800, 320GB WD Caviar Blue, Sony DVDRW, Acer X233H 1920x1080 23" LCD, Thermaltake V3 case, Antec TPN650, Logitech MX518
  1. ^ Prices in March 2005. Got anything more recent?
  2. US$4.50 for a gallon of regular gas in my part of the Philippines. Time to do more hypermiling!
  3. Congrats clay! Thanks for the fun, Bosco!
  4. MX518 user here. Very satisfied. But I still would like to use a G500 later on.
  5. GMail primarily, and Yahoo Mail as secondary mail. In the office, we use Lotus Notes (yuck!).
  6. Congrats to all winners and more power to OCC! Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. Email sent! Happy holidays everyone and more power to OCC and this forum in 2011!
  8. Congrats, malmsteenisgod! Do post pics!
  9. I actually just played and finished Crysis and Crysis Warhead this weekend. It took me a long time to install these as I was turned off by the systems requirement. Now I keep reading about the demanding requirement of Metro 2033 and I don't want to be upset if my new card (5850) won't be up to snuff
  10. Well, it was only last December when I moved from 19 to 23. And now I'm craving for a 26 or 27 but I'll just wait for the prices to drop in a few months. 32 is another option but I think going bigger than 26 for productivity use is too big? For gaming, 32 to 40+ is sweet!
  11. Computex as I'm interested more in the PC industry. CES is more consumer appliance is my impression
  12. Been anxiously waiting for any news about Computex and the early ones (in fact the only one) I've come across so far is this article! When I browsed through it, I saw only hotel rooms for now. Well, at least it's something unique! Look forward to the following posts, and more so, product pics!
  13. I have this Gigabyte card (won it from a contest) and it comes OCd from the factory and can still be OCd more using MSI Afterburner. Its also quiet. But if you want to OC more, get a reference card with a voltage card that can be controlled. But for me, I'm highly satisfied with the quality and performance of my Gigabyte OC card.
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