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  1. at 230 HT it passed the test 2 times, and failed the rest. at 228, it doesent fail at all, even after 8 tests. so i kicked it down to 228, but thats not helping my orriginal question, lol
  2. with the Ht reference at 230, i have ran a 2 hour test using AOD on my processor, would u recomend longer?
  3. umm, once, just to test it, and not the red, but rather the pink area on most, and red on the cpu VDDC, and not in bios, in AOD, its easier to work with for me. and the status moniter said the Vcore is set at 1.51v. i have tested many settings trying to get the system to be stable, like lowering voltates, turning up certain ones, lol. im running an 800watt power suply, AMD Athlon x2 6000+ Dual-core CPU w/ hypertransport technology. [crossfire] MSI K9A2 pltinum AMD 790FX MOBO. 2gb (2x1gb) ddr2-800 pc6400 corsair ram (running at 862mhz, should i use bios to turn down the ratio of CPU-to-RAM OC when the HT is adjusted?) im running the HT reference on AOD at 230, wich is 3.45ghz (sry if i said 3.54 before, i got messed up) PCI-E speed at 150mhz, (have tested OC it more with that at 100) the CPU VID is also set to 1.4v, it says the VCore is 1.51v. anything more u need?
  4. ok, so im running a system with 8 fans in it, 2 blowing on my CPU wich runs an average of about 42 degrees celcius, and that seems prety cool to me while OCd to 3.54ghz. Im running a MSI K9A2 platinum MOBO, and all voltages are set to the red area on AOD. Vcore is at 1.4v, and everything is plenty high. i have OC'd my system to 3.6ghz, and it ran for about 5 minutes before crashing, and i watched the temps, and they never rose above 48 celcius, and thats what my core normaly runs when im gaming at 3.5ghz! im wondering why is my system crashing?? could it be my ram?? i dont have any fans blowing directly onto my ram, because there is a huge strang of cords about, 4 inches in diameter blocking any fans from cooling them. so what do u think?
  5. when i OC my ATI 48501gb to the max on Catalyst controll center, i can sometimes see random green dots on my screen while gamaing, or the gpu gets anywhere neer about 45% usage, when i use controll center to turn fan to 80% fan speed, wich is not too loud, i dont see green dots untill about, 80% gpu. so try downloading and using catalyst controll center to overclock and controll fan speed on your graphics card and see what happens. btw, when i dont custom controll fan speed, my gpu fan wont even turn on untill the gpu eaches 60 degrees celcius, thats 145 degrees F. after turning gpu fan to 80% it idles about 43 celcius, a more resonable temp, wich i would think would be healtheir for the graphics card in the long run anyways.
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