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  1. The problem here is, he's using a P43 chipset mobo. I think he needs to tweak his MCH reference to get past his "375fsb wall". He haven't replied for a while, so I wonder if he still wants help or not..
  2. well have you done any legit stress tests to make sure you're really stable at that voltage? I read some of your older posts, and you only did some SuperPi 32m runs & 10-15mins of Prime95... that's really not enough to be stable.
  3. I'd like to see a screenshot of your 4.14GHz E8400 (1.28v???) finishing at least 10 passes in IBT or 8hrs OCCT small data, please. thanks :-) edit: nvm, I just read your last thread... I seriously think you should pump a few more volts into that unless you don't mind writing corrupt data and ruining your harddrive...
  4. what the hell... 1.6v CPU voltage? 1.7v PLL? 1.7v NB? Are you trying to blow up your computer? Keep CPU & NB under 1.4v, and keep PLL under 1.6v.. but you don't even need to touch PLL yet
  5. Your temps are fine. 60c with Linpack is not high at all... most ppl get 75-85c in Linpack Keep your NB & VTT voltages under 1.4v Don't worry about SB, since you probably won't be needing that. Not many ppl touch that Right now, I suggest you raise your NB voltage a couple notches.
  6. you need to adjust your RAM's frequency & dividers too, not just the voltages..
  7. Here's how I test for stability: 1: Extract a few large 1-2gb files from Winrar. If your northbridge is unstable, Winrar will return a "CRC Failed" error. 2: Run OCCT Large Data Set for 10hrs. 3: Run Prime95 Small FFT for 12hrs.
  8. oh btw, how many passes in IntelBurnTest is considered stable? I'm tired of waiting so long for results lol also, wouldn't running at temps of 70c-80c damage my chip? o_o ... EDIT: actually, nvm... I just googled up IntelBurnTest, and some ppl are saying it's not stressing the NB & RAM that much. Since I'm using 8x multiplier with high FSB, I think it's very important for me to stress NB & RAM... so I'm just gonna stick with OCCT Large Data Set =) oh and 7mins in IBT is only 7hrs in Prime? ...so 21 passes in IBT is about 3hrs in OCCT? ..... yeah.... not worth it imo..
  9. nvm, I think I'll try it out. seems like it's helping with the voltage lol Currently running OCCT @4.2GHz, 1.28V, LLC enabled XD.. EDIT! 1.28V seems pretty stable in OCCT for 2hrs. I stopped the test, cuz I wanna go for 1.27V =) Currently running OCCT @4.2GHz, 1.27V, LLC enabled, EIST & C1E disabled... This will be GG fosho ! EDIT! aww.. 1.27V failed after 1hr. =( Gonna go back to 1.28V. running OCCT again =)
  10. That's the most important quote about LLC from Anandtech's review. It seems ppl have mixed opinions about it. I've heard on 45nm CPUs, it's better to leave it disabled. Whereas on 65nm, it's safe to enable it. Plus, when you enable it, your idle temps are much higher, so I don't like it. My opinion on LLC is as follows: Enable it only if you need it. My crappy VID 1.325 Q6600 CPU needed it for stability lol
  11. Settings for 4.0GHz (501x8): BIOS: F6 vCore: 1.25V vtt: 1.28V PLL: 1.57V CPU Ref: Auto Advanced Clock Control: 700mV/700mV/0ps/0ps MCH Core: 1.30V MCH Ref: 0.688 (0.65 in ET6) DRAM Performance Enhance: Standard DRAM Timings: 6-6-6-18 DRAM Frequency: 1002MHz DRAM Frequency Strap: 2.00D DRAM Voltage: 1.9V DRAM Ref: Auto PCI-E: 100mhz Loadline Calibration: Disabled EIST & C1E: Enabled Virtualization & Thermal Monitor: Enabled Those are the settings for 4.0GHz. I had EIST & C1E disabled, but I re-enabled them since they don't seem to affect my stability at all while running OCCT. I actually ran OCCT with those settings enabled lol. The trick is to use 8x multiplier, then increase NB voltage & vtt voltage. My motherboard is VERY good and can easily handle over 500fsb with 1.3-1.34V.
  12. I don't think so lol.. the guys at XS tested CoreDamage and it's MUCH hotter than IBT. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=221897 *EDIT* New official OC: E8500 @4.2GHz (526x8) ~1.30v OCCT 10hrs+ stress test stable! Screenshot Here
  13. Well since you're such a nut about stability, then go for CoreDamage: http://damage.vigilantesoftware.com/ Have fun =)
  14. thank you, and yeah most ppl on other forums say 8hrs OCCT or 24hrs Orthos is good, from what I've read.
  15. and like I said, it's stable enough for me so get over yourself. and PingoPongo, I PM'd u with the wallpaper. =)
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