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  1. Title covers it all. Need a good Cooler for Phenom II 720 and Later 1055T in the price range of 30-50
  2. Wow, I got to try that, never even heard of it. Thanks =)
  3. Hello OCC! =) I recently tried to login to Windows Live Messenger, but the error 80040154 was casted upon me. I googled "80040154" and tried every suggestion the searches gave, eg. reregistering mxml3.dll, reinstalling mxml3.dll, reinstalling messenger, changing password etc. I am pretty much running out of hope. Anybody here know somekind of "secret style" of getting it to work? Thanks! Btw, Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
  4. i just did the classic "urine on fanta" trick. he didn't even notice it
  5. Well, I guess you're right then =) And thanks for the quick answer =D
  6. Hello =) I need a little help here, which memory module to choose; Kingston 2000MHz Kingston 2000MHz which i guess is really fast, or; OCZ Black Edition Which is just 1600MHz, and has special AOD support, which my MoBo and CPU has also, but it is also like 20euros more expensive. So which one does OCC belive in, My MoBo will be the Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 and CPU is 720 BE.
  7. I downloaded Cuneiform... it works perfectly! =D Thanks dear flare you made my day =)
  8. Lets say i have this picture on my computer, and I want to change some of the text right from the picture.... what shall I do? shortly, getting the text out from .jpg or other picture formats. Thanks, I hope you realized what I am after =)
  9. Yeap solved thanks alot =D
  10. Hello =D I uninstalled Ubuntu Linux and now when I try to boot to windows 7, there's an error message that says this: GRUB Error: unknown filesystem GRUB recovery> and then i should type something... any ideas what? =D and btw mobo is asrock 790gxh with v1.70 BIOS
  11. yap.. gonna try the ethernet thingy... But, Nevertheless Thanks Everyone =D (I just love OCC )
  12. I'll try =) thanks =) Edit: Nope, it errors something =( would installing other linux than ubuntu help?
  13. Well restarting the comp. wont work... so i'll try the thing on your link. thanks to everyone so far =) Edit: tried the instructions on CheeseMan's link, in the 3rd part terminal informs that it can't find pack called build-essential =(
  14. I have a desktop, version is the newest, 9.4 and the card is... DWA 140
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