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  1. THinking of getting this processor anyone in here have any experience, I have read good reviews, also wondering will the H70 cooler work with this processor. Now wondering a good motherboard and ram to go with this set up looking to upgrade my current system. I have a HAF 932 case looking tto keep, I do mostly gaming, work and surfing. Looking for at least 4 gigs of ram but would like to have 8 gigs unless more is needed.
  2. How many drives can you put on 1 Sata? thanks for the info....... The reason I am asking I only have 5 sata plugins on my motherboard and with the arrival of another video card I dont have any room for a raid control card. I am looking to run 6 hd and 2 roms. If I have to I can run 4 hd and 2 roms. I have seen some people run 1 drive on a sata and I have seen people run 4 drives on 1 sata just seeing if that can be done since I am going to try to making 4 drives in raid 0 and the other 2 in raid 1.
  3. yes this is what it is telling me 1m Calculation Start. 19 iterations real memory = -1 available ream memory = -1 Allocated memory = 8388648 22.151s PI value output lol putting the loop time in there is a pain, So what might be the problem and what is the solution thanks And thanks for the new thread
  4. I been doing some reading and found that most of you use the Super PI on just about everyone one I am running the real memory is -1 , and the available real memory is -1 , the allocated memory is 2097192 what does all this mean and why is my memeory compared to the rest so low thanks.
  5. thanks for the info still new at the raid thing.....lol
  6. Can I ask what that means your putting two hd on one connection. What kind of hook ups do I need as in cables thanks.... I know I know it is a dumb question but as I have been told there is no dumb question to ask....... Thanks again.....
  7. I am doing some research on all hard drives and looking for a good one. I was thinking of the Transcend TS60GSSD25D-M 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) to run my windows 7 unless there is better out there and then a wd black 640 for programs and music i have stored. If there is better out there let me know thanks.....
  8. I did not know that, so then thank you for the info. Thought I was going to have to install a second card but looks like i dont have to. Will it make a difference if i ever decided to install a second card and what are the advantages i hear people talking that they have 3 and 3 cards but dont really say the advantages to much. Again thanks for the previous question.
  9. I just recently bought a new video card the ati 4890 1 gig overclocked, I am running a little 24 inch monitor at the moment and i am thinking of moving my tv into the room and using it as both. My question is will the video card be enough to put it on my 42 lcd if not would i need another one so they work in tandom i am hoping not lol not sure i have enough room in the pc lol really i do just not willing to eat the cost i am a cheap but. I play a few games but not many at the moment since this is a new build and i am still in the beginning stages of building the lady one. The reason i would like to do it is i am seriously thinking of getting a blue ray to watch movies also.
  10. I have a M4A79 Deluxe motherboard, I am looking to install memory in. My question is i was looking in the manual and it says it will only recongize 4 gigs in 1066 or 2 sticks, I am looking to use 8 gigs so will i need to use ddr2 800 or can i update the bois so i can use 1066 ddr2 8 gigs? Another question i am in need of is the ram i am using now on my other pc is 1066 ddr2 5-5-5-15 patriot, I am looking at OCZ Fatal1ty 4GB Dual Channel PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz Memory CAS Latency: 6-7-7-20 is this a good one i am dumb when it comes to memory i thought it was all the same until i started looking at the numbers....... Or if anyome has any suggestions please send my way i am always on the lookout for more info on the subject........ Or this one Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X 4096MB PC8500 Memory - DDR2 1066MHz Memory CAS Latency: 7-7-7-20
  11. I was looking into the velociraptor but they are expensive, Are they worth the money and if not what is a good one for its place? Is the 32 mb buffer better than the 16 or 8? I am looking to get a 750 unless i put to small ones in any info would be nice and thanks......
  12. Right now in one of my machines i have a AMD 9850 Black edition, my motherboard is a 750a sli nforce motherboard and it sucks cannot overclock anything on it and the ram can only be clocked up to 533 and i have 1066 sucks.....lol My ram is Patriot 4, 2 gig sticks i believe they are 5 5 5 15 is this good or does it suck? I am using at the moment on board video since this is the wifes pc. I am looking to upgrade the motherboard to a ASUS M3NHT it has on board video for the time being. My quetion is will i be able to clock the bios to 1066 using all 4 2gig or will i have to cut back to 2 2gig and is this a good replacement since i have such a not so user friendly board in it right now and since i am on stock cooling can i overclock the amd if so would i do it in the bios or will it let me when i install the new motherboard..... ( New to Overclocking the Processor and Ram) Help would be wonderful in this field thanks I am new to the site and building me a new pc at the moment and so far doing well with it when i am done i will put pics up and a detail of it..........
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