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    Intel 3570K
    Asus Z77 motherboard
    16 gigs DDR3 1600
    ATI Radeon HD5750
    Sandisk 128gig SSD
    Random HDDs
    NZXT Tempest 210
    NZXT Avatar Mouse
    CM Quickfire Pro Keyboard
  1. CPU: i5 3570k MB: ASUS P8Z-77-V LK RAM: 8GB of G.Skill Sniper DDR3 Graphics: Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 HDD 1: Western Digital 250gb Enterprise Drive HDD 2: Western Digital Caviar 320gb PSU: Cooler Master Silent M Pro 600 Watt Case: Refurbished NZXT Tempest 210 Monitor: Viewsonic 23'' LCD Monitor Keyboard: Generic Media Keyboard Mouse: NZXT Avatar DVD Drive: Generic All-In-One Cooling: Stock CPU Cooler, El Cheapo 120mm case fans. Country: United States
  2. Nasha

    Heavy Upgrade

    If I do overclock, it will not be by a whole lot. I'm concerned about going the used route, I have been burned before, so I'd rather buy new.
  3. Okay, I've been out of the loop for a while, and man! Things have changed! Long story short, I think it's time for an upgrade. The video card situation will be rectified at a later date (unless there is some amazing sale you guys point out that i've missed). Budget is about $550. I need: CPU, MOBO, and RAM; I will be reusing my hard drive. Here's what I've found so far, but please feel free to make suggestions. All prices are from Newegg ASUS P8Z77-v LK $125 (after rebate) i7 3770k $320 (after promo code) G Skill Ripjaws 8GB for $45 The system will be used to get through a Computer Systems Engineering degree as well as some gaming. Thanks.
  4. If I were to win, It'd be replacing my current PSU since it's starting to become a bit dodgy, and it sounds like an F16 on takeoff when I start it up.
  5. Wow.... I think he likes HL2. An hour and 53 minutes for the first clip? There are movies shorter than that... Then again, since I haven't played HL2, maybe I'm missing something.
  6. Beat this. 326,245 481,570 562,952
  7. Nasha

    Dirt 2

    Yeah, I Dirt 2
  8. Well, short of removing weight from the car, there aren't really any other cheap, easy ways to gain power and economy that I can think of.
  9. There are performance mufflers that aren't fart cans. As for intakes, look up your car K&N You could also get one of the adjustable chips that lets you choose greater fuel economy or greater performance.
  10. I'm quite fond of Dirt 2
  11. To be honest with you, it wasn't that bad...once I overclocked it. However, with that overclock I had going I'm surprised it didn't melt...
  12. My 5750 showed up today, beats the old 3650 into the ground.
  13. Props for being a team playing sniper.
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