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  1. fmajor007


    ;-) OC here i come!!! OK, after taxes.....
  2. Which board *is* most popular here on OCC? Whats the most popular "high-performance" socket size? I choose a 1366 and hope i made a good decision to ensure moderate future-proofing...
  3. fmajor007


    Woot woot!!!! So, i looked and my eVGA GTX285 SC is actually a little bit faster than the nVidia 285 version soooooo - it looks like i'll be good to go! Thx sooo much!!!
  4. fmajor007


    I've no clue how my 285 compares to anything new. There seem to have been some changes to "size" of the GPU's as well as related processing capacity/speed/etc. I'm just hoping to run BF.BC2 at nice, high settings w/no lag!
  5. Ya know, it's great to somehow find myself in such excellent company - though i know next to nothin' about computers! I think Intel and Asus made a whole butt-load 'o cash about 2 years ago...
  6. WOW!!!!! All i can say is WOW! Those specs look absolutely blazing!!! Yea, yer be gaming at max settings and nothing to bottle-neck you. It's gonna take a full month to wipe the silly grin off yer face after you fire that bad boy up for the 1st time.
  7. fmajor007


    Yes, i like my 285 and it's great, but i didn't know how it would fare against the requirements of BF:BC2. It easily handles 2142, but that game is probably 4 years or more old.... The games coming out require more and more speed/capacity/etc and i simply didn't have an idea for how much these new platforms would challenge my 285.
  8. Hey EL Capitan - OK, i can't help much with computers and such, but photography has been a "Hobby" (and part of my job) for a long, long time (i'm backing up from shooting digital and burning more film - 35mm and 6x7cm medium format). As to which brand to choose - it's tough staying away from fanboy-ism. Everyone has their "favorite" camera brand for whatever reason. Mostly, people don't have an honest reason for their choices, only adopting what someone else told them - and usually some part-time employee in a camera shop or someone similar on the web. Most of the people who are past fanboy-ism know these types as lemmings.... Anyway, back to your question. I would say this (and you're on to it already) - invest in the best lenses you can't quite afford. Glass will never wear out and will always improve your images. Camera bodies and sensor's will seemingly go to obsolescence every 2 years or so. A professional photog who i know is a Nikon shooter and she's pretty happy w/her D90 and uses a D5000 as a back-up body. Another pro i know shoots w/a D700 to good result (but is moving to medium format film for optimal results). However, both use excellent glass - something with a comma in the price tag usually. Honestly, i'd choose the D90 as well if i were going to shoot APS-c format in Nikon mount. As far as one camera shooting "darker" than the other, you can change that. It's pretty simple to do. Simply set the camera on Manual and bumping ISO (from say 200 or 400 to something like 800 or 1600 - depending on ambient light), opening the Aperture and/or slowing Shutter. Since the lens you will have access to has VR that *should* give you an additional 2-3 stops of exposure. Keep in mind that the super-zooms will compromise on something in regard to Image Quality (distortion, soft corners, flare, etc), but they make a decent travel/starter/general-purpose lens. Initially, concentrate on your technique and remember for taking shots in low-light to spend an extra 10 minutes and use a tri-pod. You will not believe how much better your photos will be and when you're on Family vacations you will get to be in the pictures too!!!
  9. @ Black6464 - ;-) thats good to know - thanks! I'll be recovering from my losses for awhile before i can think about upgrading, but it sure is nice to know i *can* upgrade!!! @ Iviythos - seriously? That would be great!!!! I know absolutely nothing 'bout this stuff. OK, just enough to know i need to ask the Folks who *do* know! @boinker - I already have a noctua NH-U12P with dual fans..... and i'm not slashing out anything for awhile. Would the coolmaster hyper 212 plus really do that much more for me? Anyway, by the time i'm able to get the 285 in your hands, it will be like a 3.5" floppy drive.....and the dodo bird, etc. :-) frank
  10. fmajor007


    I'd luv to be in on some gaming!!! I've not played this one much, Screen name Rev-1911, but once i get my pc up...... Ohhhh baby!!! (otherwise known as, "i'm getting wacked regularly, but laughing anyway!!!!") I'll try some OC-ing to compensate for a slower GPU (and overcome some serious newb-ness), but all the same it would be big fun!
  11. OK, cool to know the OS will have, at least initially, what i need to get online and everything will run. Then once online, download all the rest from the various manufacturers. Yea, HDD's and OS enroute. Hopefully in about 10 days i'll have the new components in-hand. Plenty of time to blow out my case and clean the fans!
  12. fmajor007


    Oh dude....ya gotta hate an onsight A3 level IRS Audit!!!! Just kidding.... they can bring it! Anyway, as to my stolen HDDs heres the story. I had taken my HDD's and all (*ALL*) software to store at my co-workers place (no, he's not into computers - can hardly use one tbh!!!) while i was back in the States. However, his house was broken into and among the stuff stolen (his PC, daughters laptop, etc) my stuff was also taken. Big, huge PITA. So, i bought new HDD's (same as before) and Windows7 and it will arrive (hopefully) next week. Then, i'll be loading/installing and (hopefully) OC-ing my rig for some long-awaited BC2. All the same, thanks for the heads up on whether my rig can manage BC2!
  13. Shameless bump TTP! This is probably a stupid question, but i gotta ask it anyway..... How, exactly, do i go about 1) installing or 2) updating the drivers in these components from a stick device? Thx!!!
  14. Thx Kreig337! Yea, once i've overcome the expense from replacing 2x HDD's, OS, Office Suite and other stuff i'll be looking long and hard at a SLI setup! I've never tried an SLI, but if my board/PSU can handle it (and i think my case cooling can as well) i'd love to give it a go!
  15. Sweet!!! OK, so i can sorta be setting pennies aside for a GPU to keep it in the stratosphere!
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