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    Chassis: Phanteks Ethoo Primo White Edition
    CPU: Intel Core I7-5820K Haswell-E 3.9 GHz
    Cooler: CORSAIR Hydro H90 Liquid CPU Cooler
    MotherboardASUS Rampage V Extreme
    Memory: 4 x 4 GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 2400
    Storage1: OCZ Vertex 128 GB
    Storage2: SANDisk 240 GB
    PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 850W
    OS: Windows 10 Pro
    Displays: 3 x Samsung B550 23

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  1. I've been thinking about building something like this. Is that just pine for the legs and 2x4s for the structure?
  2. Just got my hardware in from newegg. It is now all in this massive case. And it looks amazing if I do say so myself ????. I'm finally running with the big dogs.
  3. She claimed it before I could even get the Case out of the box.
  4. Case is about 50 lbs empty. looking forward to learning something new with the water cooling. I love building and working on things (wood furniture, metal work, AR-15s, etc...) Yep. I do not envy the UPS guys of their Job. But they are very good around here.
  5. Got my case in yesterday. Poor UPS man was out delivering in the Texas Panhandle Blizzard. Any way. Phanteks Enthoo Primo White Edition... My god this thing is huge. I think it might be bigger than the CM Cosmos II that I worked with about a year ago. Here I was about to forego a desktop and just get a Surface Pro or something as my main computer but now... I'm going to build me a 2011-v3 build and later trying a custom water-cooling loop after I get some other bills paid off. List of ordered components. Intel i7-5820k Asus ROG Rampage Extreme V G.Skill Ripjaw4 DDR 2400 16 GB (4x4GB) Corsair H90 Liquid CPU Cooler Some fans and cables Netgear Nighthawk AC 1900 Router - (my linksys one is able to crook) Keeping my video card and power supply from my old rig. And pictures of the Packaging (shipping box was wet and trashed but the retail box was in good shape) The Case out with my spawn standing next to it for comparison. And here it is standng next to my old PC for comparison again. (Old case is the first CM Stacker full tower)
  6. Wow, Just got back into town and checked OCC. I won a new Case. Thanks OCC and Congrats to everyone.
  7. Coors, that's a nice Superfly. I bought the first 4300 Trek came out with (Front suspension only). Back in 2002 and it is still a solid bike so I fully trust Treks bikes. I actually have been looking at the Superfly or Remedy as my next bike but i haven't pulled the trigger yet as the canyon in my area tends to eat full suspension bike riders for lunch as its all xcountry and uphill trails. I have the half gloves and i love them but the chafing is a problem after a wreck. So the best advise i got from one of my riding buddies was, of course, "Don't fall" I agree 100% with WARDOZERX and SpeedCrazy on everything they say especially about riding on the street with your trail tires. give them about 5-8 more PSI and you will save yourself from wearing your tires out too quickly (experience speaking).
  8. Been without internet for a week do to blizzard in Texas Panhandle. Dropping price to $325 shipped.
  9. It time for a little winter cleaning. So I will be updating this with more items. First off is a EVGA GTX580 Classified that I received for some work. I'm don't really have the time to play games w/ a wife, kid, full time job and working on my bachelors so i thought i'd let someone here have at it. I know the history of this card as I built the computer it was installed in for a friend. It has never been overclocked and has worked flawlessly. Sorry for the picture quality, my actual camera is dead. Price is $425.00 $325.00 OBO shipped.
  10. Just got done reading this. Best quote from Groucho Marx that applies to both parties:
  11. +1 This is my greatest fear. Only hope is that the advocates for more gun control are going to want to do to much to fast.
  12. I don't agree with all his view even though, like him, I am an avid gun owner. He has made some comments via twitter about wishing someone would try to pull a "batman" at the movie theater he was at and the like, and sparking a discussion is one thing, but the belittle a man that has passed away and making like of his families tragedy are completely different. I'm always up (mainly watching ) for a good discussion. But have a little tact and "common" courtesy. Just realized that could be taken as towards you andrew, i meant that towards the people posting the "funny" comments, not you.
  13. As you can tell from my post count i tend to lurk. so i don't feed the trolls often, but i guess i had enough from both sides. I've gotten to the point that I've lost faith the political process as a whole. These ramblings are probably due to staying up all night with a sick kid. My apologies.
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